Parents' Day And Sandwich Extravaganza

PORG International School Parents Day 2022

This year we were able onece again to open up our school for parents to come in and have a look at what we do.

We started in the morning with normal lessons, then had a break to watch a film about a young bear who emigrates to England and loves marmalade sandwiches.

There were competitions and activities based on the film, culminating in making marmalade sandwiches with parents.

Of course, the children are very creative, so quite soon there were grape sandwiches, strawberry sandwiches, potato crisp sandwiches and bread sandwiches (3 slices of bread, no butter!)

It's wonderful to be able to invite people into the school again and some of those sandwiches will go down in school legend!

For more pictures, take a look at our Facebook album of the day.