Spelling Bee

PORG International School Spelling Bee

This year saw a new event for us - the Spelling Bee.

If you've never heard of it, it's a spelling competition. Pupils pick a word from a hat which they don't look at and then the teacher tells everyone the word. The pupils then spell the word. If they get it right, they go through to the next round but if not..... They're out!

The words were chosen from our spelling lists, so each year group had only words which they have seen before during spelling tests. 

Because we have not been able to mix classes, take off masks or even be at school for the last 2 years, all such events have been cancelled. Therefore it was the first experience many children have had of standing up in front of everyone else and having to perform a task accurately.

The pressure on the person in the spotlight is surprisingly high and almost everyone who was knocked was annoyed with themselves because they actually knew the word. But when everyone is watching you, it's easy to make mistakes!

Despite some frustration and high emotion, we had 3 finalists who battled it out and kept cool under pressure. Everyone else is now looking for the next chance to prove themselves!

Events like these help children to develop their self-confidence and learn that failure is common and is really just a chance to learn something. After 2 years of not having anything to tests themselves with, many of our children are now finding new things which they do well.