Year 5 and 6 Video Project

PORG International School British International Primary School Computing Class Video Production Project

This month in computing, pupils in Years 5 and 6 have been learning about video production.

They had to think of an idea, write a storyboard including script and camera techniques, film and edit the video and then upload it to the school server. For most of them, this was their first attempt at making a structured video.

You can take a look at two of the finished pieces on our YouTube channel - Stupid News (The director's cut) brings you the latest and stupidest news from PORG Internatioanal School and Water Droplet Madness is a surreal tutorial on how to draw a water droplet.

Our computing curriculum is divided into four main areas, with topics repeated in more and more depth each year. We cover computer systems and networks, creating media, data collection and programming.

As well as the specific use of computers, we cover topics such digital citizenship. This is about how we behave online, how to stay safe online and most of all, how to use critical thinking when we evaluate information we find online.

So although not everyone is going to become a famous YouTuber, by the time they leave Year 6, they should know the basics of setting up a website, producing and hosting content, collecting and processing data, copyright and creative commons work, manipulating data and content for presentations or desktop publishing, being a responsible online citizen, recognising fake news when they see it and making their own minds up based on research and intelligence.

And they'll also be able to run a YouTube channel!