Science Of The Heart

PORG International School Science Experiments

This year we welcome a new science teacher to our team. Mr. Benzie has many years of experience teaching science to various age groups and he has already made his presence felt!

Our pupils now have access to a proper science laboratory, as well as a teacher who can use it safely and effectively to bring science to life for them.

Wasting no time, he took Year 6 over to dissect pig hearts!

They had been looking at the circulatory system and wanted to see how a real heart looks and feels. They had also made simple models of the heart to show how there are two sides and four chambers which add oxygen to the blood and then send it around the body.

The heart is amazing and beats every second of your life. It is made of a special type of muscle called cardiac muscle and has a clever one way system with valves between the chambers.

The class enjoyed the experience very much and are looking forward to many other investigations and experiments in the future.