2021 Science Expedition

PORG International School Science Expedition 2021

This year's science expedition took place in the forest park in Poruba, at the end of the bus line from Ostrava city.

We looked at the life cycle of plants and how rocks and soils are formed.

Whenever possible, we like to study topics in real life rather than from books in the classroom. As the weather begins to turn colder at this time of year, the science expedition is one of our last chances to get out and about. We practiced scientific methods, recording our findings and sketching what we observed. We also carried out some experiments to test theories and had some competitions combining sports and revision, running around in the fresh air.

Once we returned to school, we split into age groups and produced some presentations to show what we had learned. It was good revision for the older pupils and for the younger ones, a little taste of School In Nature, which we hope we will have in June next year.

For more photos, have a look at our Facebook album here.