Usbourne Book Fair 2021

PORG International School Usbourne Book Fair 2021

This week, PORG International School had a visit from Zoe, at the Usbourne Book company, who brought along a fine selection of their publications for us to look at andchoose from.

We had a reading from some children's books, filled with engaging pictures and stories, followed by time to browse through all the titles on display.

The children had plenty of time to look through the books and make a list of ones which they wanted to buy. This year, non-fiction seemed to be the most popular category, particularly about computing. It was very pleasant, after a more than a year of relying on computers for information, to see how enthusiastically the children looked for information in books.

To add to the atmosphere, the fair was held outside for the first time, allowing us to enjoy the late summer sunshine as well. In the end, it was hard to drag everyone back to school - there's just something about a good book that the Internet cannot replace!