Floating Physicists!

PORG International School Year 2 Online Science Lessons

Year 2 have been researching materials recently. They looked at what factors play a crucial role in whether something floats or sinks.

They experimented with shapes of boats and textures of life jackets. Even if you left primary school science a long time ago, did you know whether a peeled or an unpeeled orange will float?

PORG International School Year 2 Science Home Learning

How about learning to swim - is it easier in the sea or a lake? Is there a difference between salt water and freshwater?

Take a look at their work and maybe try it at home yourself! Water experiments are fun and help kids to learn the basic laws of physics which, after all, affect everything about our lives.

Just because we are at home learning online, it doesn't mean that we have to limit ourselves to books and videos to make learning fun!

PORG International School Year 2 Science Online Teacher