Dental Hygiene Day

PORG International School Dental Hygiene Day

Smile and say ‘cheese, it’s Dental Hygiene Day in school!

We have just had our annual checkup by two wonderful dental students from Olomouc University who visited the school to give us a little professional advice on cleaning our teeth.

Prevention is always better than cure and although there are some excellent dentists in Ostrava, it’s better not to have to visit them too often!

To warn us of the importance of dental hygiene, we saw some scary pictures of rotten teeth and images of plaque so that we can recognise what we don’t want to see in our mouths. Now we all know what will happen if we don’t brush properly.

Our two dental students then painted everyone’s teeth purple and sent us off to brush. After brushing, any purple stain still left shows areas where we need to clean our teeth better – so now we know!

Thank you to Olomouc University for sending us their students. The International Teeth of PORG are shining brightly and we will work hard to keep them that way.