Book Fair 2020

PORG International School Annual Book Fair

Books, books, beautiful books!

We have just had a wonderful day of books here at PORG International School, with a visit to Ostrava from our friends at EduCreate Europe.

They have always provided a sensational range of books for our annual book fair and this year was no exception.

A bonus for our 2020 book fair was the range of publishers on offer. Although Usborne Books are rightly famous for their range and quality, they are not alone. This time, they were joined by many other companies, all offering books which will educate, be loved and kept for a lifetime.

Colours, characters, pictures, all combined to bring our children an adventure or help them learn a new subject. The worlds of programming, chemistry, physics or robotics are no longer secret places, closed to all but the students in a university. These topics are shaping our future right now and the books available make them accessible from primary school upwards.

Worlds of fiction fire young imaginations far more vividly in a book than on a screen. New words, new ideas, new dreams all spring to life when a child opens a book. For the children of our International School, this is so important not only for their development generally but to help them to understand and use English in the world they are growing in to.

In this Age of the Internet, it is all too easy to turn to the search engine of your choice and click on one of the top three results. What will the world be like when this is the only choice? With the books on offer at the book fair, there is a whole world of adventure attached to the learning! Will there come a day when no living human knows the feel and smell of a good book? Not as long as we have Edu Create and our annual book fair at PORG International school!