Carnival On Ice

PORG International School Carnival On Ice

We have just celebrated the carnival season with our annual Carnival On Ice.

Children from the International Primary School and the Bilingual Primary School walked down the road to the Ostravar Arena where we had the Multifunctional Arena all to ourselves for two hours.

The Carnival On Ice is a chance to dress up and have a bit of fun but we could definitely see that many of the children are serious skaters. In some cases it was hard to tell if we were looking at kids dressed as hockey players or future national team champions!

Of course, many of the children were complete beginners (not to mention some of the teachers as well!) so we were fortunate to have our sports teachers on hand to help us stand up and move in the right direction. In fact, some of the teachers were fortunate to have kids who can skate to give them some professional advice as well!

We started with an hour or so of free practice, gettting the idea of how to stand up, turn, stop and fall over with style and grace. One end of the rink had been turned into a small hockey arena and the better skaters were zooming around in a blur of fancy dress and flying ice crystals. It was terrific to listen to our newer students' English as they had to communicate with their classmates with no time to think. It's amazing what a little pressure can do!

The majority of the rink was a more sedate fashion parade. Many of the costumes were beautifully made - full of the creativity which the children display whenever they get involved in these activities.

After our practice session, the sports teachers had organised competitions in slalom skating, dribbling hockey pucks, racing and, of course, best cotume. After two hours of hard skating, it was a very quiet group of kids who received their certificates and left the ice. The ten minute walk to the areana from our school was closer to fifteen minutes going back and it very very quiet in the lunch hall – definitely the mark of a successful school trip!