Ski Course 2020

PORG International School Ski Course 2020

For the last three days before the end of the semester, we held our annual ski course for pupils in the International School and the International Kindergarten.

Once again, we were at Skalka Family Park in Poruba. We had the use of the nursery slope for our beginners and the main slope for our more advanced skiers, with qualified instructors from among our teaching staff.

This year, we had many kids who had never worn a ski in their lives before. The first day for them was hard work indeed, learning whole new ways of simply standing up  and walking!

By the end of the first day though, they were happily riding up the conveyor belts and coming down (mostly) under control.

The older and more experienced kids meanwhile, were up on the big slope starting to learn parallel turns. Under the guidance of the PORG instructors, they followed each other down in wide, graceful sweeping turns.

During the second day, we built of the skills of day one. The smaller kids started turning exercises, alternating between 'pizza' with the ski tips pointing together and 'chips' with the skis parallel. The older kids were noticeably more confident too. Their sweeping turns were getting straighter and many of them were beginning to bounce from one turn to the next with their skis parallel.

By the end of day three, it was as if we had a different group of kids with us. Nobody was falling over whilst trying to stand still. There was nobody sliding backwards down the slope looking confused. There was nobody, as it turned out, who actually wanted to stop when our time was up.

On the nursery slope, Monday's complete beginners were speeding up, slowing down and weaving in and out of plastic markers on the snow like they had been born wearing skis. On the main slope, the older children were coming down at terrific speeds, stopping expertly at the end of the queue for the lift before heading up to do it all again as quick as possible. One group was even practicing slalom skills on a neighbouring slope.

There were certainly a few tired-looking faces on the bus back to school but all of them happy and full of fresh air. Like most of the facilities which we enjoy in Ostrava, Skalka Family Park is only ten or fifteen minutes from PORG International School. This means that we can enjoy great events like the ski course to the full and not spend too long travelling to and from the venues.

Some of the kids are going off with their families over the Spring Holiday, so they will be well prepared. As for the rest of us, we're already looking forward to next year! You can see the photos of this year's course here on our Facebook page.