World Hello Day

World Hello Day at PORG International School, Ostrava, Czech Republic

This year, our pupils took part in World Hello Day to help us understand the importance of communication between people as a way of avoiding conflict. World Hello Day was started in 1973 and to join in, all you have to do is greet 10 people who you don't know.

Greetings open conversations and as an international school, we have an advantage - lots of native speakers from different cultures to teach us!

So we tried to learn greetings in as many languages as we could, both from the first languages of our pupils and from other languages which they suggested. Then we went out to the nearby Medical Faculty of Ostrava University to find 10 people to greet and spread awareness of World Hello Day.

As well as greeting students at the medical faculty, we surveyed them to see how many languages they could greet people in. The average result was 9 languages per student!

Although we had great fun researching and learning the greetings, we hope this day will stay in the minds of our pupils as they grow up  and travel more. It's amazing how a simple misunderstanding can lead to an argument or worse but by starting with a greeting, we show that we want to be friendly.

Our greetings signs will be on display around our school to remind us and our guests how important a simple greeting can be.