Ambulance And Medical Care

PORG International School Ambulance And Medical Care Demonstration

How often have you read about young kids who saved someone's life because of something they learned at school? Well, obviously we hope that it's never going to happen but thanks to the friendly ambulance crew who visited us, we are more prepared than before!

Primary school children especially love to see how things work, so it's a great age to introduce them to exciting things like an ambulance. As an international school, we were lucky to have English-speaking medics to give us their demonstration and training.

For many of the kids, it was their first time seeing the inside of an ambulance and so the highlight was not in the back but the front. The school sounded like a disaster zone as one by one, everybody took turns using the different sirens. They are LOUD!

More practically useful was the bandaging lesson. They showed us how to put on a bandage and tie it securely and soon we had a schoolyard full of kids pretending to be Egyptian mummies. After bandaging, there was a lesson on how to push a wheelchair, so the Egyptian mummies became actors in a medical scene... useful experience for our young drama fans!

We also had a lesson in CPR - how to help someone stay alive until an ambulance arrives. Using the CPR mannekin, the children had some practical experience of checking for breathing and how far to press on a casualty's chest if their heart is not beating.

Of course, it's good to know how to call for an ambulance and here in the Czech Republic, there is a choice of numbers. You can call 112 for the integrated emergency service but there could be a delay connecting you with the right service because the despatcher will have to ask you questions. We learned that it is best to call 155 and be connected directly to the ambulance service - good to know!

All in all, it was a useful and interesting addition to our safety knowledge. Some things more useful than others but all fun - have a look at the photographs and see for yourselves!