Mobile Planetarium Visit

Mobile Planetarium At PORG International School

On Wednesday 2 October, we had the opportunity to visit the stars right here at PORG Ostrava!

Along with the bilingual primary school, PORG International School's kids went over to the gym where we found a large inflatable hemisphere waiting for us. Welcome to the Mobile Planetarium!

Inside, an ingenious spherical mirror projector linked to a tablet was waiting to take us on a tour of our galaxy. We started with an introduction to how humans have studied the stars over the millenia and used them to make calendars and prdictions about the future. Following on, we zoomed out of our Solar System to see our place in the Milky Way galaxy before zooming back to see stars where astronomers have found earth-like planets.

Our guide on this fantastic journey, Dr. Richard Stoudek from Brno, explained the methods used to locate distant planets and decide whether they are rocky or gaseous. He went on to explain about the 'habitable zone' or 'Goldilocks Zone' around a star where it's not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist on the surface.

Coming back to low earth orbit, we had a tour of the International Space Station and heard about the history of its construction and the cooperation between nations which made it possible.

Admittedly, it wasn't possible to translate everything in real time from Czech without interrupting the program for everyone else but several of the English speaking Czech kids tried hard. They must have struggled with the technical vocabulary but hats off to them for trying!