Past events

PORG International School Christmas Performance

Christmas Songs

Once again we are allowed to sing at school! Join us in our Christmas carol performance via YouTube as we present a selection of our favourites.

Of course, we all had to be tested so that we could take our masks off but it's a great improvement on last year, when we had to get the class robot to sing!

PORG International School Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021

This year's Halloween celebration was the culmination of a few school projects, in which the children made the decorations and learned a few new skills along the way. 

In art and craft lessons, we practiced our maths by measuring sizes, working out symmetry and quantities and then made everything from creepy spiders to a haunted house!

We had ghostly activities in the scary cellar and a fashion parade of ghoulish costumes. Take a look at our photo album here - it's not for the faint-hearted!

PORG International School 10th Anniversary Celebrations

10th Birthday Celebrations

PORG Ostrava is 10 years old!

To celebrate a decade of fine international education, as well as the sunny weather, we went outside for some fun and games.

There were a wide range of sports activities based around the themes of PORG and 10 to burn off some energy. Quite possibly, none of these sports will ever become Olympic but they deserve praise for their inventiveness!

Using nothing but recycled plastic and paper, our heroic athletes ran, jumped, dodged, fell, picked themselves up again and fought to a nail-biting finish. 

They displayed high standards of sportsmanship throughout and there was some suggestion of making it a regular activity, although for mathematical reasons it is sadly impossible.

Well done to the athletes and their talents, and also the teachers and their resourcefulness!

PORG International School Science Experiments

Science Of The Heart

This year we welcome a new science teacher to our team. Mr. Benzie has many years of experience teaching science to various age groups and he has already made his presence felt!

Our pupils now have access to a proper science laboratory, as well as a teacher who can use it safely and effectively to bring science to life for them.

Wasting no time, he took Year 6 over to dissect pig hearts!

They had been looking at the circulatory system and wanted to see how a real heart looks and feels. They had also made simple models of the heart to show how there are two sides and four chambers which add oxygen to the blood and then send it around the body.

The heart is amazing and beats every second of your life. It is made of a special type of muscle called cardiac muscle and has a clever one way system with valves between the chambers.

The class enjoyed the experience very much and are looking forward to many other investigations and experiments in the future.

PORG International School Science Expedition 2021

2021 Science Expedition

This year's science expedition took place in the forest park in Poruba, at the end of the bus line from Ostrava city.

We looked at the life cycle of plants and how rocks and soils are formed.

Whenever possible, we like to study topics in real life rather than from books in the classroom. As the weather begins to turn colder at this time of year, the science expedition is one of our last chances to get out and about. We practiced scientific methods, recording our findings and sketching what we observed. We also carried out some experiments to test theories and had some competitions combining sports and revision, running around in the fresh air.

Once we returned to school, we split into age groups and produced some presentations to show what we had learned. It was good revision for the older pupils and for the younger ones, a little taste of School In Nature, which we hope we will have in June next year.

For more photos, have a look at our Facebook album here.

PORG International School Usbourne Book Fair 2021

Usbourne Book Fair 2021

This week, PORG International School had a visit from Zoe, at the Usbourne Book company, who brought along a fine selection of their publications for us to look at andchoose from.

We had a reading from some children's books, filled with engaging pictures and stories, followed by time to browse through all the titles on display.

The children had plenty of time to look through the books and make a list of ones which they wanted to buy. This year, non-fiction seemed to be the most popular category, particularly about computing. It was very pleasant, after a more than a year of relying on computers for information, to see how enthusiastically the children looked for information in books.

To add to the atmosphere, the fair was held outside for the first time, allowing us to enjoy the late summer sunshine as well. In the end, it was hard to drag everyone back to school - there's just something about a good book that the Internet cannot replace!

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