Past events

PORG International School pupil with a greeting card made for an isolated senior in Britain.

From PORG with love

Some of our Year 4 pupils have been taking part in a project to bring a little light into the lives of residents quarantined in British retirement homes.

Many of these people have been cut off from visits by loved ones for over a year now and the project was designed to let them know they are not alone. They are all elderly and may no longer have any regular contact with their grand-children.

The charity aims to bring greetings cards from children in British Overseas Schools across the world to isolated seniors. Although the cards will be distributed anonymously, the children know that their efforts will let others know that someone is thinking of them. 

For the children in our school, it is a small act which develops empathy for others. For the adults they will become, empathy for others can move mountains.

PORG International School Science Experiment Seed Germination

The Magic Of Beans

Year 1 have been learning about germinating seeds and what plants need to grow healthily.

They each had some beans which they germinated in a glass jar with some cotton wool to hold the water. 


Every day they drew their beans and noted the changes which had taken place since the day before.

As well as starting to learn the basics of scientific methods, they are also learning how much fun you can have growing your own plants.

It's a shame we all have to stay at home but at least we have the Internet to share our experiences and keep up with the important things in life - like learning!

PORG International School Primary Science

Cool science

Year 4 have been getting to grips with scientific methods in their latest class.

They were investigating the the effects of different materials on the time it takes an ice cube to melt.

Everyone had 5 ice cubes, one of which they left uncovered as a control sample. The others were covered with foil, a towel, cling film, and greaseproof paper.

When the control sample had melted, they recorded how much of the other samples had melted and so which materials kept them the coldest.

We can do these experiments at home with materials most of the parents have or can get easily, so there's no need to learn less just because we can't be together at school.

This is one of the ways we help our primary school science pupils learn how to do experiments and record results. Just as importantly, it teaches them why it is important to be methodical in their work!

PORG International School Year 2 Online Science Lessons

Floating Physicists!

Year 2 have been researching materials recently. They looked at what factors play a crucial role in whether something floats or sinks.

They experimented with shapes of boats and textures of life jackets. Even if you left primary school science a long time ago, did you know whether a peeled or an unpeeled orange will float?

How about learning to swim - is it easier in the sea or a lake? Is there a difference between salt water and freshwater?

Take a look at their work and maybe try it at home yourself! Water experiments are fun and help kids to learn the basic laws of physics which, after all, affect everything about our lives.

Just because we are at home learning online, it doesn't mean that we have to limit ourselves to books and videos to make learning fun!

PORG International School Dental Hygiene Day

Dental Hygiene Day

Smile and say ‘cheese, it’s Dental Hygiene Day in school!

We have just had our annual checkup by two wonderful dental students from Olomouc University who visited the school to give us a little professional advice on cleaning our teeth.

Prevention is always better than cure and although there are some excellent dentists in Ostrava, it’s better not to have to visit them too often!

To warn us of the importance of dental hygiene, we saw some scary pictures of rotten teeth and images of plaque so that we can recognise what we don’t want to see in our mouths. Now we all know what will happen if we don’t brush properly.

Our two dental students then painted everyone’s teeth purple and sent us off to brush. After brushing, any purple stain still left shows areas where we need to clean our teeth better – so now we know!

Thank you to Olomouc University for sending us their students. The International Teeth of PORG are shining brightly and we will work hard to keep them that way.

PORG International School Science Classes

Scientific Expeditions!

Over the last couple of days, pupils from PORG International Primary School have been taking part in scientific expeditions to the countryside at the edge of Ostrava and one of the many green spaces within the city.

In a city the size of Ostrava, with its public transport network, you are never that far from the countryside. It seemed a bit of a shame to study nature from a textbook when our school is so close to the real thing, so while the weather was nice, we took our classroom outside.

The Key Stage 1 science class, that's Years 1 and 2, walked to our local inline skate park. There are field and forest sites inside the skating track which are perfect for looking at plants and insects and all the other little wonders of nature which we walk past and never notice. You can see pictures from their trips here on our Facebook page.

Key Stage 2, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went a little further to the forest park on the western edge of town. They wanted to see some of our science topics in real life and bring back samples to study later in the semester when the weather will not be so nice. 

On the first day, our young scientists searched for samples of plants, flowers and seeds. They  learned about how plants live and reproduce, and searched for different kinds of seeds to see how they travel to find new places to grow.

On the second day, they did a little geology. They tried to work out how a rock is made and test their theories by finding as many samples as they  could. Then they studied the samples through powerful magnifying glasses and tried to work out which category each rock fitted into.

Of course they  had time for a little fun as well, using the exercise stations built around the forest park for some PE classes. They also did a little English and maths revision by pinning questions to trees and having a race to see who could get all the right answers the fastest. You can see pictures from the Key Stage 2 science trip on our Facebook page here.

Science makes a lot more sense when you get close to it and experiment and we believe in starting right at the beginning. In primary school science, we can just enjoy seeing a little bit about how our world fits together. There will be time to study the details later in school or university but primary school science is the time to get interested!

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