Past events

PORG International School Poetry Recital

Poetry Recital

One of the toughest things you can do at any age is to stand up in front of a big group of people and hold their attention. They are all looking at you, the pressure is high, one small mistake could make you feel really bad!

So we would like to congratulate all of our pupils from Years 1 to 5 who not only chose and memorised a poem in English but then stood up in front of the rest of the school and recited it.

Now, some of our pupils are natural performers who loved the attention and had a great time - we could see it in the whole of their performances. Others, however, had to dig really deep to find the courage to do it and they walked away with a much bigger feeling of accomplishment.

Whether you love the attention or you're afraid of it, the annual poetry recital is a huge confidence builder. Once the children have done it for the first time, they know what to expect and their self-confidence increases every time.

Year 6 played a special role this year as well. They were all working hard to pass entrance exams for their next schools so didn't have time to learn a poem. Instead, they had the heavy responsibility of judging the performances. They had a set of criteria to work from and had to make sure they were impartial and fair. It was a new experience for them as well and they were splendid!

You can find more photos of the recital in our Facebook album, here.

Earth Day

Children celebrated Earth Day this year by planting flowers and making recycled paper.

In the process, they learned about our place in the fragile ecosystem of our planet and how we are not taking as much care of it as we could.

The flowers will grow and the paper will become Mothers' Day cards. Hopefully, the lessons learned will stay with us as we get older and take charge of our world.

For more pictures, see our Facebook albums; Planting Seeds and Paper Recycling Project.

PORG International School Open Day 2022

Open Day

Yet another event is back on our calendar after a 2 year absence - The Open Day!

Every year, we used to prepare a morning of activities for children and parents to come and experience to see just how we do things differently.

This year we opened our doors to visitors again.

PORG International School Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

This year saw a new event for us - the Spelling Bee.

If you've never heard of it, it's a spelling competition. Pupils pick a word from a hat which they don't look at and then the teacher tells everyone the word. The pupils then spell the word. If they get it right, they go through to the next round but if not..... They're out!

The words were chosen from our spelling lists, so each year group had only words which they have seen before during spelling tests. 

Because we have not been able to mix classes, take off masks or even be at school for the last 2 years, all such events have been cancelled. Therefore it was the first experience many children have had of standing up in front of everyone else and having to perform a task accurately.

The pressure on the person in the spotlight is surprisingly high and almost everyone who was knocked was annoyed with themselves because they actually knew the word. But when everyone is watching you, it's easy to make mistakes!

Despite some frustration and high emotion, we had 3 finalists who battled it out and kept cool under pressure. Everyone else is now looking for the next chance to prove themselves!

Events like these help children to develop their self-confidence and learn that failure is common and is really just a chance to learn something. After 2 years of not having anything to tests themselves with, many of our children are now finding new things which they do well.

PORG International School Ski Course 2022

Ski Course 2022

We finished our first semester this year with our annual ski course at Skalka Family Park.

The children had varying degrees of experience, from beginners to potential racing champions, and were divided into groups where they could progress their skills. You can see how they got on in our Facebook album, here.

Over the course, many children had to learn to overcome their fears and frustrations. Some had to learn their limits and the value of taking the time to learn good technique, but everyone got to a stage where they could do things they couldn't do before.

It takes determination and the support of your friends to conquer a daunting task and it takes compassion to help someone do something which you find easy. These are qualities which we value and encourage in all of our activities - in school and outside.

Local facilities like Skalka Family Park and the other areas where we run activities are a big part of what makes Ostrava such a diverse and cultural city for an International Primary School. They give children the opportunity to learn and develop beyond the classroom, refining characteristics and skills which will last them all their lives and not just on the ski slopes. 

We would like to thank the staff who organised such a fun program for us, with excellent English skills and so much patience with the youngest children. We hope to be back next year!

PORG International School British International Primary School Computing Class Video Production Project

Year 5 and 6 Video Project

This month in computing, pupils in Years 5 and 6 have been learning about video production.

They had to think of an idea, write a storyboard including script and camera techniques, film and edit the video and then upload it to the school server. For most of them, this was their first attempt at making a structured video.

You can take a look at two of the finished pieces on our YouTube channel - Stupid News (The director's cut) brings you the latest and stupidest news from PORG Internatioanal School and Water Droplet Madness is a surreal tutorial on how to draw a water droplet.

Our computing curriculum is divided into four main areas, with topics repeated in more and more depth each year. We cover computer systems and networks, creating media, data collection and programming.

As well as the specific use of computers, we cover topics such digital citizenship. This is about how we behave online, how to stay safe online and most of all, how to use critical thinking when we evaluate information we find online.

So although not everyone is going to become a famous YouTuber, by the time they leave Year 6, they should know the basics of setting up a website, producing and hosting content, collecting and processing data, copyright and creative commons work, manipulating data and content for presentations or desktop publishing, being a responsible online citizen, recognising fake news when they see it and making their own minds up based on research and intelligence.

And they'll also be able to run a YouTube channel!

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