We're halfway there!

PORG International School British International Primary School Half Term Reports

We have just finished our first semester, in high spirits and with annual our ski course.

Everyone has been careful with Covid precautions, so we are happy to say we have had no serious disruption so far this year. 

The spirit of the International School has returned, with some interesting projects and a lot of original creativity on display. Some children got behind due to all the quarantine lessons last year but they have worked hard to catch up. Others had to skip a year due to the age they will be when they leave primary school, on top of the challenges of last year's quarantines. They have achieved remarkable success, accepting the facts and focusing on their goals.

Still others joined us when their families relocated. They also spent most of last year in quarantine in their previous countries, trying to learn online. They have had to adjust to a new culture as well as everything else which life has thrown at them in the last 2 years. All in all, we are starting to see a remarkably positive, ambitious, caring and resilient generation of children developing around us.

We finished the semester by receiving our reports, going on our ski course, relaxing afterwards with popcorn and Movie Nights and now a  long weekend half term holiday.

Next semester we are looking forward to developing the work of the last few months and seeing what these unique individuals can achieve next. As for Covid, thank you for all you have taught us about overcoming hardships but you can go now!