End of Summer Term

PORG International School End Of Summer Term 2021

After another year disrupted by lockdowns and online learning, we have finished on a high note.

We enjoyed a very successful School In Nature in the beautiful Beskydy Mountains and now we are going to enjoy our summer holidays.

This year, we have welcomed pupils from even more countries and backgrounds, which has made our school communty richer and more diverse. Friendships among our pupils now span four out of seven continents, although we realise we are unlikely to get any children from Antarctica!

As an International Primary School, is important not to forget that we also welcome Czech children. This year, we have extended our curriculum to include subjects which Czechs must study in order to be accepted into local grammar schools. We are happy to announce that our first two Czech pupils from Year 6 have passed the exams and are starting grammar school next year.

Over the summer, we will be planning further extensions to our curriculum. Our aim is to strengthen the criticial thinking skills which are at the core of everything we do. Our Code Club will continue and now that everyone knows everything about Teams, Word, Powerpoint and filesharing, our IT program will include the use of computers in art, design and manufacturing.

Although lockdowns prevented us this year, we are in a unique position to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the city of Ostrava. Once famous for its industry and known as The Steel Heart Of The Republic, Ostrava is developing into an international seat of learning in all the upcoming technologies of the future, as well as a centre for making them a reality. For us, this means that there are places we can visit locally to see some of our subjects in action and inspire our pupils to take their future in their hands.

Some of our pupils are leaving us for new adventures in other countries, some are moving on to grammar school and next year we will welcome some new faces. Thank you to all of the parents of our children for your support, without which our year would not have been so successful. Most of all though, thank you to all our PORG International School pupils for making our school community what it is.