Student Achievement Award

PORG International School Student Achievement Award Achievement in the face of adversity

We would like to congratulate our Year 6 pupil Esther for her determined efforts in the face of all that she has been through during the pandemic. Her strength of character has been recognised with this award from the Council of British International Schools for achievement in the face of adversity.

It has not been an easy time for pupils around the world but a particular feature of an international school is that children may not have friends around them where they are living.

As their families have moved to a different country and they do not speak the local language, the natural community support has not been available to them in the same way it has for local pupils.

Contact with family and friends in their home countries has only been possible online and as hardship and tragedy have hit, it has not been possible for them to be together and support each other as families normally would.

In spite of social isolation and the loss of close family in her home country, Esther has shown an amazing resolve not to be beaten. She has improved in every area of school work and her self-confidence has grown immeasurably.

In particular, her online homework projects displayed abilities in artistic creativity, independent research and critical thinking beyond what would normally be expected from a Year 6 pupil. Now that we have returned to school, she is making these abilities felt in lessons.

She has made a success of what could have been a devastating experience for her and in the process has set an incredible example to our younger pupils.