PORG International School Newsletter Spring 2022

Spring Newsletter

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PORG International School Enrolment for 2022/2023 School Year


Enrolment for the new school year - Tuesday April 12 2022.

It's nearly that time of year when we accept new applications for the next school year.

If you would like to enrol your child for the 2022/2023 school year, please fill in an application form online

When we have recieved the application, we will send you an invitation with specific details.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

PORG International School British International Primary School Half Term Reports

We're halfway there!

We have just finished our first semester, in high spirits and with annual our ski course.

Everyone has been careful with Covid precautions, so we are happy to say we have had no serious disruption so far this year. 

The spirit of the International School has returned, with some interesting projects and a lot of original creativity on display. Some children got behind due to all the quarantine lessons last year but they have worked hard to catch up. Others had to skip a year due to the age they will be when they leave primary school, on top of the challenges of last year's quarantines. They have achieved remarkable success, accepting the facts and focusing on their goals.

Still others joined us when their families relocated. They also spent most of last year in quarantine in their previous countries, trying to learn online. They have had to adjust to a new culture as well as everything else which life has thrown at them in the last 2 years. All in all, we are starting to see a remarkably positive, ambitious, caring and resilient generation of children developing around us.

We finished the semester by receiving our reports, going on our ski course, relaxing afterwards with popcorn and Movie Nights and now a  long weekend half term holiday.

Next semester we are looking forward to developing the work of the last few months and seeing what these unique individuals can achieve next. As for Covid, thank you for all you have taught us about overcoming hardships but you can go now!

PORG International School New School Year 2021

We are back!

It's September and you know what that means - lots of smiles and lots of noise in the corridors of school again!

This year, we welcome back most of our previous pupils and many new faces too. Although last year's older pupils have moved on to the next stage of their educations, we are still proud to have pupils from half of the World's populated continents in our classrooms this semester.

It is wonderful to see the newcomers being accepted and circles of friendships enlarging. Everyone has lots of questions about life in the countries they have come from and they in turn are eagerly learning about life here.

We have had a little time to get to know each other and find our way around and now we are ready for the serious business of making this the best year of school ever!

PORG International School End Of Summer Term 2021

End of Summer Term

After another year disrupted by lockdowns and online learning, we have finished on a high note.

We enjoyed a very successful School In Nature in the beautiful Beskydy Mountains and now we are going to enjoy our summer holidays.

This year, we have welcomed pupils from even more countries and backgrounds, which has made our school communty richer and more diverse. Friendships among our pupils now span four out of seven continents, although we realise we are unlikely to get any children from Antarctica!

As an International Primary School, is important not to forget that we also welcome Czech children. This year, we have extended our curriculum to include subjects which Czechs must study in order to be accepted into local grammar schools. We are happy to announce that our first two Czech pupils from Year 6 have passed the exams and are starting grammar school next year.

Over the summer, we will be planning further extensions to our curriculum. Our aim is to strengthen the criticial thinking skills which are at the core of everything we do. Our Code Club will continue and now that everyone knows everything about Teams, Word, Powerpoint and filesharing, our IT program will include the use of computers in art, design and manufacturing.

Although lockdowns prevented us this year, we are in a unique position to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the city of Ostrava. Once famous for its industry and known as The Steel Heart Of The Republic, Ostrava is developing into an international seat of learning in all the upcoming technologies of the future, as well as a centre for making them a reality. For us, this means that there are places we can visit locally to see some of our subjects in action and inspire our pupils to take their future in their hands.

Some of our pupils are leaving us for new adventures in other countries, some are moving on to grammar school and next year we will welcome some new faces. Thank you to all of the parents of our children for your support, without which our year would not have been so successful. Most of all though, thank you to all our PORG International School pupils for making our school community what it is.


PORG International School Science Club Pupils Using Microscopes

Science Club is back in the lab!

In the science club, we finally got back into the science laboratory.

We took advantage of it immediately and we started learning the basics of microscopic technology.

Some students have already worked with microscopes at home. For others, it was a completely new experience. For everyone though, it was deeply absorbing.

We learned how to set up and handle our microscopes and, last but not least, we also learned how to prepare our own slides, specifically onion skin cells.

Now that we know the basics, we are ready to look at science in more detail!

PORG International School Student Achievement Award Achievement in the face of adversity

Student Achievement Award

We would like to congratulate our Year 6 pupil Esther for her determined efforts in the face of all that she has been through during the pandemic. Her strength of character has been recognised with this award from the Council of British International Schools for achievement in the face of adversity.

It has not been an easy time for pupils around the world but a particular feature of an international school is that children may not have friends around them where they are living.

As their families have moved to a different country and they do not speak the local language, the natural community support has not been available to them in the same way it has for local pupils.

Contact with family and friends in their home countries has only been possible online and as hardship and tragedy have hit, it has not been possible for them to be together and support each other as families normally would.

In spite of social isolation and the loss of close family in her home country, Esther has shown an amazing resolve not to be beaten. She has improved in every area of school work and her self-confidence has grown immeasurably.

In particular, her online homework projects displayed abilities in artistic creativity, independent research and critical thinking beyond what would normally be expected from a Year 6 pupil. Now that we have returned to school, she is making these abilities felt in lessons.

She has made a success of what could have been a devastating experience for her and in the process has set an incredible example to our younger pupils.

PORG International School Back To School After Quarantine

We're back!

After three and a half months of home schooling, the primary school is open and full of life again!

The children arrived bright and early on Monday and started with a test. No need to be nervous though, this test just involved each pupil sticking a cotton bud up their noses and then putting it in their COVID test kit.

Once we made sure everyone had tested negative, we got straight back to learning. There has been far too much theory work since Christmas, so everyone has had a week of as much practical work as possible.

We are still not able to mix the whole school together, we have to go to lunch at separate times and we all have to self-test twice a week but we are back and this time we mean to stay!

PORG International School Association of British Schools Overseas Membership Certificate

AoBSO Membership

Following our successful inspection by COBIS last year, PORG International School is now a member of the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO).

The mission of AoBSO is to share the best pedagogical practices established by the British Department for Education. In addition, membership helps British Schools Overseas to learn and improve based on the experiences of other member schools.

In order to become an accredited British School Overseas, our school has been inspected by COBIS (the Council of British International Schools) which is an organisation formally recognised by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Office for Standards in Education (OfSTED).

Membership of AoBSO is an assurance to parents and prospective parents that our school meets the same standards required of a school in Britain and that we are recognised by the British Government as a British Overseas School.

A copy of our inspection report is available to all parents and prospective parents, detailing the quality of education provided by PORG International School and its compatibility with independent schools in England.

PORG International School welcomes pupils from around the world

Back to school!

Here we are, back at school!

All of us at PORG International School are delighted to welcome our pupils, new and old, from near and far. This year we are hosting students from as far away as America, India, South Korea and Britain.

After a lovely hot summer holiday here in Ostrava, we are rested and ready to go again. We met the challenges of the last school year, despite quarantine. This school year is going to be our best yet. If you're not here already, it's not too late to join us!

Primary school reopening

Monday 25the May 2020

Dear parents,

Our primary school will reopen on Monday 25the May.

We are looking forward to all the children!

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