Day Of Non-Stop Activities

PORG International School Activity Day

Saturday 21 March 2020

Our days of Non-Stop Activities are back!

We will be open to members of the public who can book a place for their kids to come and spend a few hours experiencing the way we do things at PORG International School.

As we all know, life does not come with a manual, so why teach every subject straight from a book? Well, we don’t. Wherever possible, our lessons combine knowledge from different subjects or practical examples of the subject. If children figure out solutions for themselves, not only do they remember the lesson more effectively but they become used to solving problems by themselves.

The world is changing so rapidly now that many children in school today will have jobs in the future which do not exist at the moment. We can’t teach kids how to do those jobs but we can teach them how to think for themselves. We believe that children who have not been taught to sit quietly until their teacher tells them the answer will be able to adapt more easily to the changes that the future will bring.

What does this actually look like in the classroom? Come to our Saturday DNA and find out!

To book a place, e-mail the headmistress, Mrs. Katerina Komarkova, at primary(at)