Carnival On Ice PORG International School
31 January

Carnival On Ice

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Can you skate? If not, do you want to try? Now is your chance!

Alongside PORG Elementary School, we are visiting the Ostravar Arena for two hours of fun on ice. Traditionally, we wear masks or even full costumes for this event so let your creativity flow.

If you have no idae how to skate, then you will be in good company. Several teachers will be skating for the first time as well!

Usbourne Book fair At PORG International School
27 February

Usbourne Book Fair

Thursday 27 February 2020 

The lovely people at Usbourne are once again coming to our school with a selection of their best books.

Usbourne have long been specialised in publishing book for children, covering all aspects of fact and fiction. They have a well-deserved reputation worldwide for quality in both the subjects of their books and the materials used to make the books themselves.

There will be an interactive reading for different age groups, where children can listen to various stories and engage with the reader and books of all categories will be on display.

Children will be able to spend some time looking at the books and can select some to buy.

Every year, the book fair is a big hit and because reading helps the children to improve their English, we continually see the benefits of having the Usbourne book fair visit us right here in PORG.

PORG International School Poetry Recital
9 March

Poetry Recital

Monday 9 March 2020

Our greatest readers of poetry proudly present the 2020 PORG International School Poetry Recital!

In the weeks before the presentation, the children will choose a poem and learn it by heart. The best children from each class will then perform their poem in front of the rest of the children from the International Primary School and the Bilingual Primary School.

Learning a poem by heart teaches many useful language skills. Firstly, there is the vocabulary which will remain in the child’s active vocabulary long after they have left school. Then there are the skills of using spoken language to express feelings and engage the listener. The simple act of standing alone in front of a group of your peers and having the courage to speak loudly and clearly is also a great confidence builder in children and adults alike. In addition, the fact that the children have entertained their classmates is no small achievement!

Of course, it takes skill and effort to reach the final stages of the poetry recital, so there will be prizes for the best performances in different age groups.

We will work with the children to choose their poems and we would like to ask parents for their support in helping their children to learn them to the best of their ability.

St. Patrick's Day At PORG International School
17 March

St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday 17 march 2020

As the cold of winter begins to disappear and we can spend time outside again, we invite parents to come to our St. Patrick’s Day events.

We will have activities based on the legends of St. Patrick to keep the children busy while parents relax… or maybe help the children to complete the activities and win the prizes!

As is traditional, children and teachers can wear green clothing and if you are not Christian, you can at least celebrate the returning warmth and life in nature!

PORG International School Activity Day
21 March

Day Of Non-Stop Activities

Saturday 21 March 2020

Our days of Non-Stop Activities are back!

We will be open to members of the public who can book a place for their kids to come and spend a few hours experiencing the way we do things at PORG International School.

As we all know, life does not come with a manual, so why teach every subject straight from a book? Well, we don’t. Wherever possible, our lessons combine knowledge from different subjects or practical examples of the subject. If children figure out solutions for themselves, not only do they remember the lesson more effectively but they become used to solving problems by themselves.

The world is changing so rapidly now that many children in school today will have jobs in the future which do not exist at the moment. We can’t teach kids how to do those jobs but we can teach them how to think for themselves. We believe that children who have not been taught to sit quietly until their teacher tells them the answer will be able to adapt more easily to the changes that the future will bring.

What does this actually look like in the classroom? Come to our Saturday DNA and find out!

To book a place, e-mail the headmistress, Mrs. Katerina Komarkova, at primary(at)

Parent Teacher Meeting At PORG International SChool
23 March

Individual Parents' Meetings

Monday 23 March to Tuesday 31 March 2020

We would like to invite all parents once again to come and discuss their children's work and progress in the second semester with their class teachers.

We will send out information nearer the time with details of when the teachers are available. If there is anything they would like to discuss with you, they will let you know. You can choose the time which suits you best and raise any points you wish.

We look forward to seeing you during this period.

The Easter Bunny AT PORG International School
8 April

The Easter Bunny

Wednesday 8 April 2020.

With spring comes Easter and with Easter comes the Easter Bunny! We all know the Easter Bunny likes to leave painted eggs and sweets for good children and so we should hopefully find lots of eggs and sweets because our children are so good… the question is ‘where?’

Children will have to solve puzzles and look hard but the sweets will be there, hidden until the puzzles are solved and the hiding places revealed.

The full details of the day are still top secret but we will tell you more when the snow begins to melt and the first signs of spring are in the air.

Who knows? Maybe we will paint some eggs and decorate the school with flowers as well as find hidden sweets… time will tell!

Bee Keeper Visits PORG International School
1 May

Meet the Bees!

May 2020 (Exact date to be confirmed)

What do you know about bees? Many people are afraid that they will sting but without these amazing creatures, most of the food we eat would not exist.

Many bees are dying because of human activity but if we learn about them and how important they are to nature then we will be able to protect them.

We are lucky to have a professional bee keeper who will come to our school with some bees who are working very hard making honey.

He will introduce you to the bees and show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. You will get the chance to put on special protective clothes and open the hive to see how they work and keep us all alive… you will also get to try some of their honey!

Cambridge English Exams At PORG International School
3 May

Cambridge English Tests

May And June 2020. Exact dates to be confirmed.

During May and June, children will have the opportunity to take Cambridge English Tests.

For younger learners, we are offering Starters, Movers and Flyers. For older children there will be a chance to pass Key English Tests (KET) and Preliminary English Tests (PET).

Your child's class teacher will contact you well in advance to ask if you would like to sign up for the tests. There will be a period of thorough preparation leading up to the tests, led by experienced teachers using the latest preparation materials provided by Cambridge English. Children will take practice tests to determine which test will be most suitable for them before starting their individual study programs.

International Children's Day At PORG International School
1 June

Children's Day

Monday 1 June 2020

Children's Day is celebrated on June 1 in the Czech Republic. We will be marking the occasion with a day of fun and games for all our wonderful kids to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have them!

As we get closer to the day, class teachers will be sending out more information. We can say for sure that it will be a fun day for all, children and teachers alike!

Summer Party At PORG International School
18 June

Summer Party

Thursday 18 June 2020.

With the school year drawing to a close, it's time to celebrate all that we have achieved together. Of course, it's also a good time to celebrate the fact that we are almost ready to break up for the summer holidays!

Parents and family are invited to join the party, with food and drinks as well performances by the children to entertain us.

PORG International School In Nature 2020
22 June

School in Nature 2020

Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June 2020.

It's summer, it's nearly the end of the school year and we are lucky enough to be in the Czech Republic... all of which means it's time for SCHOOL IN NATURE!

If you don't already know about the awesome tradition that is School In Nature, it means that we all head off into the mountains somewhere. When we get there, we have a fun-packed week of activities out in the fresh air to use our school learning out in the real world.

Children work together in teams to complete a wide variety of educational tasks, compete in games and look after each other. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop their independence as well as leadership skills. It can be hard work but it's also great fun and why shouldn't education be great fun?!