The various clubs take place in one of three time slots:

1st slot (13:25 – 14:10)

2nd slot (14:20 – 15:05)

3rd slot (15.15 - 16.00)

For more information, please contact David Rivera rivera(at)

Football Club

In football club the children will get a chance to make new friends and enjoy some excellent team building activities. They will learn new skills and keep fit in the process. Those who join our club will be able to represent the school at any event that is arranged throughout the year. We can’t wait to see you, nice and early!

Drama Club

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps people develop their ability to use their voice, movements, gestures and facial expressions via acting, mime, song and improvisation.

In our new after-school drama club, our members will be encouraged to engage with drama through the use of drama games and activities to provide them with the background and skills to create, manage and perform a piece which utilizes these skills.

Some activities will include games such 'One Word Story', 'Mystery Object' and 'Sound Circle'.

Why drama games you may ask? Drama games allow students to work in a variety of groups with a variety of people and feel comfortable doing so.

Other activities will enhance and promote the basic skills needed for drama. Activities such as engaging in 'Monologues' and 'Duologues', working with props and mime are just some of the things we will be engaged in within our club setting.

All of this will culminate in a small performance, developed to showcase what pupils have learned and the skills they have picked up along the way. So don't wait, sign up for drama and lets get creative!

Code Club

At Code Club, all children should have the opportunity to learn to code. In the lessons, there are easy to follow coding projects which help children to learn to Scratch by making games, animations etc.

The projects gradually introduce coding concepts to allow children to grow their understanding of digital making.

Science Club

An exciting science club focusing on experiments, practical investigations and project work. We will use the British key stage 2 syllabus and enhance science taught in class.

Creative Club

Would you like to spend more time with creating or making improvement in arts and crafts skills?

You are welcome to join our creative club where you will enjoy working with different techniques and with various materials.

Memory Club

It is the place where the kids use their brains for more than just learning, but also for retaining information. Sign up and see how far you can stretch your brain power. You might surprise yourself.

Logic Club

Learn to think outside the box! There are many different possibilities to solve any kind of puzzle. Come and find out for yourself! We will help you develop the skills to think in different ways using many fun and interesting activities.

Rubik’s Cube Club

Learn how to solve the basic Rubik’s cube starting with 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 algorithms using memory and logic in each case. It helps students to learn and solve different kinds of cubes.

Spanish Club/French Club

“You are as many people as you are languages.”

Your native language is your comfort zone. English is your native language at school. Wouldn´t it be great to learn a third or fourth language? Come and take this opportunity to learn French or Spanish with our native teachers!

Chess Club

Come and learn the game of kings. Would you like to unlock the mystery of this seemingly complicated game? Join our club and find out how to checkmate your opponent.