Why PORG International School

Inspected and accredited by the Council of British International Schools.

A member of the Association of British Schools Overseas.

PORG International School is the first school certified by the Korean Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic!

Parents do not need to spend time getting notarization or an apostille from the embassy when their children return to Korea.

We believe that creating positive school memories is just as important as building solid foundations for future lives. The educational experience should be stimulating and challenging but above all, in these vital years, it must be happy and secure.

We encourage the children to learn and grow in a motivating, international environment to become complex and strong personalities. The learning process at our school becomes a neverending story, not only while in school, but also when meeting new friends and gaining new experiences.

What do we offer?

Education for children 5 –11 years old

  • well - balanced curriculum encouraging pupils to be independent learners
  • friendly atmosphere
  • different nationalities
  • new school with well-equipped classrooms
  • professional teaching staff from different countries
  • respect for all the educational needs of every child
  • extracurricular activities
  • parents are welcome to school
  • overall development of children
  • challenging educational experience
  • multisensory, theme-based approach
  • interesting, fun and culturally enriching calendar events
  • development of positive attitudes and the opportunity for positive action
  • after school club activities
  • professional culinary team

Basic information

We provide education for:

  • Primary school children (5-11 years old)
  • Kindergarten children (3-5 years old)

PORG International School, Rostislavova 1, 703 00  Ostrava - Vítkovice

Head of PORG Company Dagmar Dluhošová
tel: (+420) 777 923 718
email: dluhosova(at)porg.cz
Head of PORG International School Barbora Gazdová
tel: (+420) 777 355 157
email: primary(at)porg.cz
Bank account number - school 277955264/0300
Bank account number - cafeteria 4609702 / 0800
IČO 05641934
Legal entity PORG International School, z.ú.

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Internal teachers

Other employees




Meals are prepared by our professional culinary team on our premises every day. Lunches are served in a comfy dining hall. The school offers breakfasts and snacks as well. Our Chief Cook is trained to prepare any international meal. The Menu is available at www.strava.cz.

Canteen code: 2515


Barbora Gazdová
tel: (+420) 777 355 157
email: primary(at)porg.cz

Lunch payments

Payments to be made in advance by transfer to one’s cafeteria account

Bank account for school cafeteria 4609702/0800 (variable symbol is the number of the school contract with the family

Orders, selections and meal cancellations policy

After you make a payment to the cafeteria‘s bank account, the child’s personal account is activated and all selected services (lunches, snacks) are automatically logged. When the meal price is logged, the remaining balance is displayed.

If the child wants to order, change, or cancel a meal (or alternatively obtain more information about their account), they can do it through the computer terminal which is located in the cafeteria or online at www.strava.cz. The log in information is automatically sent to the parents after the account is set up. If you did not receive your account information, please contact the cafeteria.

Cancellation of a lunch or snack must be done at least one day in advance by 0700 through the computer terminal in the cafeteria or online. Otherwise lunch can be picked up in the cafeteria (dishes are not necessary – we will vacuum pack the lunch).


Overpayments for non-delivered meals are automatically rolled over to the next period. In case the school cafeteria account has been closed, overpayments are returned to the family.