Past events

Halloween Celebration 2021

The spooky time came up and children were excited to celebrate Halloween.Our Halloween party was filled with lots of fun, sweets and games. The children dressed up in their amazing costumes.You could see some witches, skeletons, bats…. It was a great spooky time and we all enjoyed it so much.

Book Fair

On 9th September, we were lucky with the sunny weather to enjoy Book Fair in the fresh air. Interesting books were seen everywhere! Our kids ran through the books they were interested in and had fun. All of us spent a nice morning over books!

Kindergarten Graduation

It is graduation time!Our reception kids are already big and ready for the big kids' school. We wish them all the luck in the world in their new adventure.Good luck, Birdies!

International Children's Day 2021

Children's Day was a success. Not only did we get good weather, but we had a lot of fun. After completing the tasks at each station, the children were rewarded with a medal. Then it was time for an inflatable slide, which was constantly filled with cheering children.

Online lessons

We never give up! Although the children had to stay at home because the kindergartens were closed by the government due to COVID-19, they still experienced many adventures. Mrs Romana had online lessons full of inspired and exciting educational activities, which the children have always looked forward to.

Christmas 2020

It's the magical Christmas time here again and we had a great time to celebrate it. Our little elves enjoyed practising the parents' performance called "I want to be an elf". The children also made beautiful bracelets for the mums in our Christmas workshop.But the biggest surprise was Santa visit :-) Santa came to our classroom and brought so many presents. Merry Christmas ho ho ho.

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