Past events

Christmas 2020

It's the magical Christmas time here again and we had a great time to celebrate it. Our little elves enjoyed practising the parents' performance called "I want to be an elf". The children also made beautiful bracelets for the mums in our Christmas workshop.But the biggest surprise was Santa visit :-) Santa came to our classroom and brought so many presents. Merry Christmas ho ho ho.

St. Nicolas day

What a great St. Nicolas day we had in our kindergarten. Children were so excited to see St. Nicolas in our class. They sang a song for him and got some sweets and fruit.

Halloween 2020

The spooky time comes up and children were excited to celebrate Halloween.Our Halloween party was filled with lots of fun, sweets and games. The children dressed up in their amazing costumes.You could see some witches, skeletons, bats….It was a great spooky time and we all enjoy it so much.

Dental Care

On the 17th of September, PORG was full of bright light because our kids practiced their brushing skills with the help of the Dental Specialists who came to teach us about the importance of taking care of our teeth. The children learned the names and descriptions of each tooth. The tooth fairy will be very happy to find healthy, strong white teeth under their pillows. 

Kindergarten Graduation

It’s time to say goodbye. Our year has come to the end. We’ve been watching your child learning and growing and changing day after day. We believe that all the things that we’ve done and learnt, will help them in their life. Knighthood proved what our students are capable of and showed how skilled they are in English language.

We have some children leaving the kindergarten to become primary pupils. Some children will continue as kindergarten students. We wish you all the best of luck and a lot of success in your future studies! Always remember to work hard and never give up!

Three Little Pigs!

On 17th December our kindergarten children saw short story performed by student of Elementary school.  The play was called "Three little pigs". Kindergarten children had a lot of fun and they were so excited that they also want to rehearse a performance immediately. We look forward to seeing them at our kindergarten again!

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