Past events

Three Little Pigs!

On 17th December our kindergarten children saw short story performed by student of Elementary school.  The play was called "Three little pigs". Kindergarten children had a lot of fun and they were so excited that they also want to rehearse a performance immediately. We look forward to seeing them at our kindergarten again!

St. Nicolas Day

On 6th December, we had the pleasure to have St. Nicolas visit us. But as you know, he never comes alone, the Angel and devil tagged along too. Luckily all the kids in kindergarten have been well-behaved all year and I'm happy to say, no one was given coal or taken by the devil. We are all safe and sound. Even though some were scared, it all turned out well when he started to give everyone some gifts. Smiles as wide as goal posts were seen all around. We hope everyone behaves, he's coming again next year. 


Halloween is celebrated every year in such genuine spirit that it has become the second largest festival after Christmas. 

It is the most popular festival for children because they usually get a huge amount of sweets. 

The tradition of Halloween is maintained mainly in American countries, but we tried to celebrate this holiday in Czech republic too and teach children about it.

 We had a lot of fun all day. 


„Wee woo“ sound was heard on 14th October at PORG. Rescuers dropped in to show the first aid in progress to kids and then kids were trying to save teddy bears´ and baby dolls´ lives. At the end of the program, children were allowed to get in the ambulance and turned the sirens on. ​

Dental prevention

On Thursday 10th October, kids were very busy with brushing their teeth. There was dental prevention program on and kids got to know the parts of a tooth, learned to name them and found out how important it is to protect their teeth. As next, they showed their skills to Dentists and our kids did a great job.

Knighthood ceremony

Pride describes what all teachers feel about students going to elementary school. Knighthood once again showed what our students are capable of doing using the English language.

It is a time to leave the kindergarten and become primary pupils. We wish you good luck and learn much more in this new stage.

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