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PORG International School British International Kindergarten Graduation 2022

Kindergarten Graduation

The Birdies have flown the nest!

Our Birdies have finished their time at the International Kindergarten and are now looking forward to starting Primary School next year.

They have worked hard and come a long way. We wish them all the success in the world in the future.

You can see a video of their graduation ceremony here, on our YouTube channel.

St. Patrick’s day

What a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in our kindergarten. Wearing something green, eating green snacks, making the rainbow in our garden….and at the end of the celebration, children found the pot of gold full of chocolate coins!

Carnival 2022

Masks, a dance party, and lots of fun were at Carnival 2022 in our kindergarten. The children were disguised as chefs, doctors, firefighters, cats, dogs and chickens.

Presents from Santa

A year later, Santa returned to our kindergarten. He brought so many lovely presents, so the kids were happy and used the first opportunity to play with them. Thank you, Santa :-)

Halloween Celebration 2021

The spooky time came up and children were excited to celebrate Halloween.Our Halloween party was filled with lots of fun, sweets and games. The children dressed up in their amazing costumes.You could see some witches, skeletons, bats…. It was a great spooky time and we all enjoyed it so much.

Book Fair

On 9th September, we were lucky with the sunny weather to enjoy Book Fair in the fresh air. Interesting books were seen everywhere! Our kids ran through the books they were interested in and had fun. All of us spent a nice morning over books!

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