21 October

The Halloween

The spooky time is coming soon and we are so exited to celebrate the Halloween in our kindergarten. All the witches, skeletons, mummies…and other scary monsters are all welcome. The Halloween party will take place on the 21st October. We will celebrate our Halloween with lots of special and fun activities. 

25 October

Autumn holiday

Monday 25 October to Friday 29 October

Take a week to relax after your hard work and enjoy the changing of the season!

We will see you all again on Monday 1st November.

1 November

Kite Day

Exact date to be confirmed

Who doesn’t love running in the wind…? Autumn is known for windy days, and we take full advantage of these lovely days. Our little kindergarteners will get to design and make their own kites to fly outside in November on a perfect windy day.  

17 November


Wednesday November 17 2021.

Public holiday - the school will be closed all day.

This holiday commemorates two events in Czech history. In 1939, student protests against the Nazi occupation led to Prague university being forcibly closed. 9 student leaders were excecuted by the Nazis and over 1200 others were sent to concentration camps. The date was later commemorated as International Students Day.

In 1989, a student march to commemorate this event was violently repressed by the Communist government. This led to protests across the country and eventually the fall of the Communist regime. It became known as the Velvet Revolution because it was a peaceful protest.

6 December


We love trinkets, especially shiny and sweet-smelling ones. Join us for the Christmas market this year and grab yourself some special handmade gifts for you and your loved ones.  

14 December


Exact date to be confirmed

There’s nothing better than getting into the joyful and cheery Christmas spirit than a little performance by the children for their parents and guardians. We love to sing and dance… Are you wondering what we have in store for you this year? Well, you’ll just have to wait. 

17 December


The ultimate highlight for the children. Santa Clause, or is it Ježišek, never forgets to bring our kindergarteners some new toys for the classroom. We will spend the morning opening the gifts and trying them out. We know we are going to love them, he never disappoints. 

20 December

Winter holiday

Monday December 20, 2021 to Sunday January 2, 2022

Take a break from school, relax and enjoy the holiday!

We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.

18 May


We can all agree that dads are the real superheroes. To honor them, we love to make them special handmade gifts which they can proudly show off.