4 December

St. Nicolas day

The popular St. Nicolas (also known in Czech as Mikuláš) will grace us with his presence this coming of December. Even though the scary devil always comes as well, we are all happy that the angel always tags along. We will welcome him into our classrooms and sing some songs for him. Our kids here in the kindergarten especially love him more because he never comes empty handed. The kids know they have to be good so they can get sweets and gifts. We look forward to celebrating the day with the trio.  

18 December

Morning Christmas Gift

What’s more exciting at the end of the year… You guessed it! It’s Christmas and like everyone else, we love getting CHRISTMAS GIFTS in the kindergarten.  We love spending the last day of school unwrapping the wonderful gifts and trying them out. It’s always a special time as we see all the children’s lovely faces brighten up with their sparkling eyes as they play with their new toys.