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Meals are prepared by our professional culinary team on our premises every day. Lunches are served in a comfy dining hall. The school offers the possibility of breakfasts or snacks, too. Our Chief Cook is trained to prepare any international meal. The Menu is available at

Canteen´s code: 2515


Head of school cafeteria Tomáš Neuvirt
e-mail jidelna(at)
telephone +420 608 418 884

Orders, selections and meal cancellations policy

After you make a payment to the cafeteria‘s bank account, child’s personal account is activated and all selected services (lunches, snacks) are automatically logged. When the meal price is logged, the remaining balance is displayed.

If the child wants to order, change, or cancel a meal (or alternatively obtain more information about his account), he can do it through the ordering box that is located in the cafeteria or online at The log in information is automatically sent to the parents after the account is set up. If you did not receive your account information, please contact the cafeteria employee.

Cancellation of a lunch or snack must be done at least one day in advance by 7:00 through ordering box in cafeteria or online. Otherwise lunch can be picked up in cafeteria (dishes are not necessary – we will vacuum pack the lunch).


Overpayments for non-delivered meals are automatically rolled over to the next period. In case the school cafeteria account has been closed, overpayments are returned to the family.

Basic Information

PORG International Kindergarten, Rostislavova 3, 703 00  Ostrava - Vítkovice

Head of PORG Company Dagmar Dluhošová
tel: (+420) 777 923 718
email: dluhosova(at)
Head of PORG International School Barbora Gazdová
tel: (+420) 777 355 157
email: primary(at)
Bank account number - school 277955264/0300
Bank account number - cafeteria 4609702 / 0800
IČO 05641934
Legal entity PORG International School, z.ú.

Why PORG International Kindergarten

Early Years Foundation Stage – Kindergarten

Ages 3 - 5

Welcome to our Porg International Primary School. We believe that creating positive childhood memories is just as important as building the solid foundations for future development through literacy and numeracy. The educational experience should be stimulating and challenging but above all, in these vital years, it must be happy and secure. At our Early Years Kindergarten we encourage the children to learn and grow in the motivating, international environment to become complex personalities. Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning. We support them to be strong and independent through positive relationships. Our well balanced curriculum is based on the seven main areas of learning and development, following the best from The National Curriculum of England and The Czech republic.

The school offers friendly, nurturing and stimulating athmosphere. The children become active explorers through various stories and fairy-tales, plays and activities led by experienced teachers. The teachers have highly supportive approach to teaching children who are learning to speak English, they support the individual learning. We respect the educational needs of all children. The learning at our EYFS becomes a neverending fairy-tale where teachers are not only the teachers but queens, kings, fairies or captains.

Throughout the school year our school offers various project days described in The Year Plan, covering the actual calendar theme. The learning takes place in both, well equipped indoors and outdoors, school trips and world discoveries included. Our school emphasizes regular, cooperative contact between teachers and parents to support children to achieve their full potential. Our school is opened and Parent welcome. That is what it makes a real Family.

Core Areas Of Learning And Development


These areas provide the basis for planning and progression throughout EYFS. The specific areas enable children to gain essential skills and understanding while developing individual talents and potential. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected. Kindergarten curriculum is the crucial basis for the children's enthusiasm for learning which enables them to follow in the Primary school studies.

Additional Specific Areas


Child's EYFS Diary

The children keep their own diary – portfolio – which records their personal development and progress. All the crucial pieces of work will be stored and added as a page in the child's Year Diary which is a part of the end of year assessment.

End Of Year Assessment

The EYFS curriculum is inter-connected with the Primary school curriculum. The children are regularly evaluated by the teaching staff, in case of need the parents are immediately informed via e-mail about what needs to be improve or what is excellent in their child's standards and behaviour. Positive feedback is the most important for the constant progress of the child's personality. Every child keeps its own EYFS Diary. The teachers add a Letter describing the child's individual progress throughout the year. This Letter provides parents and other teachers with a well-rounded picture of a child's knowledge, understanding and abilities, their progress against expected levels and their readiness for Year 1. At the end of Reception Year, the teachers issue a letter with a final supplement, child's profile, indicating whether the child is meeting expected levels of development, or if it is exceeding expected levels, or not yet reaching expected levels. Year 1 teacher will be given a copy of the profile together with a short commentary of child's skills and abilities.

The final ceremony is the part of June's project, all Kindergarten Sailors will be awarded and given their Diaries.