Athletics Day PORG International School

There's a saying in languages all over the world that 'a healthy body makes a healthy mind'. So, as an international school, we have minds and bodies from all over the world to keep healthy.

Athletics Day is our annual celebration of healthy bodies and minds and, as we are in Ostrava, where better than the Ostravar Arena? It has all the facilities of an international athletics venue and is only a ten minute walk from our school - perfect for a quick warm-up!

The children competed in classic athletics events such as running 100, 200 and 400 metre races. There was also the long jump and medicine ball throw for a little extra challenge, especially for the younger kids. The medicine balls weighed 2 kilos, so for a 20 kilo kid to throw one several metres is no small effort!

The event that kept everyone occupied the longest though, was the Spartan Race. This is an obstacle course where competitors swing hand over hand along monkey bars, crawl under ten metres of netting without getting tangled like a fish, overcome a maze of car tyres without tripping up, leap and scramble over a wall of crash matting  and sprint madly for the finish line.

Despite the heroic efforts of some very promising young international athletes, it has to be said that we have a long way to go before we sweep the medals board. However, none of our team gave up and all of them supported the winners in a very sportsmanlike fashion, which is just as important as winning.

More importantly still, we all had a great time doing it, so many thanks to our team for taking part, the kids from PORG Elementary School for showing us the standards we need to attain and the sports staff for organising the whole event - see you all next year!