PORG International School Ostrava end of school year 2019

All across the Czech Republic today, school children celebrated the end of the school year and the start of the summer holidays. At PORG it was no different, as we invited the children one by one to stand up and receive their final reports from their class teachers.

It is easy to begin every post on our Past Events page with the words 'our best year so far' and yet it is so often the case. As our school grows, so the new children bring new energy and qualities which in turn bring new levels of motivation and enthusiasm to the other pupils and the teachers as well.

This year we have had the greatest mix of nationalities in the school, which has firmly placed English as the language the children use outside of lessons. In an international school it is important that even children of the same nationality speak English together at breaktimes and after school clubs, without thinking about it. It would be easy for those with a common first language to form their own groups outside class and the fact that we have grown from a small beginning means that each new pupil will join a school where this does not happen.

The larger class sizes have motivated the children to improve themselves, as they naturally look around and see the standards others can achieve and try to be better. At the same time, the classes are not so large that those who joined later in the year, with weaker English, cannot have plenty of attention from the teachers to help them catch up.

We have continued to develop and broaden the curriculum, with a strong theme of critical thinking and practical experimentation to help the children learn the skills they will need to adapt to the fast-moving world which they will graduate into in the future.

We have been inspected and approved by the Council Of British International Schools and the Czech Ministry of Education. Both reports commented on the fact that our children are comfortable to voice their opinions, enter into debate and learn from failure in class. We believe that these qualities will build strong, confident characters with enquiring minds, young people who will not accept what they are told without question and who have the experience of growing up with a wider world view.

Finally we must thank the parents, whose enthusiastic support has grown with the school. They work hard with us in helping the children to improve their standards and they are always deeply involved in our events. 

So we wish all our children and parents a wonderful summer holiday as we end 'our best year so far' and we look forward to welcoming them all back in September, along with our new students for what will surely be 'our best year so far'!