Stramberk Primary School visits PORG International School

We finally got the chance to repay the wonderful hospitality of our friends from the Primary School in Štramberk when they visited our school.

They joined us for a morning of lessons where we exchanged ideas and knowledge. They started by giving us their presentations on the International Days theme and then joined in some maths and science classes.

Days like this give all the kids from both schools who take part the opportunity to see how much we are the same, even though we all come from different cultures. Our kids were excited to show their friends around and introduce them to the school and classes and activities. For their part, our friends had many questions, comments and suggestions and it was fantastic to hear so many kids from different backgrounds mixing and chatting fearlessly in English, not worrying about mistakes or grades, just communicating like normal people.

The end of term is fast approaching and there may not be another chance to visit before the summer holidays but we stay in touch online and hopefully some will get the chance to meet up over the summer and keep this fabulous friendship alive!