Kids looking for aster Eggs, PORG International School, Ostrava, Czech Republic

We had a packed timetable on Wednesday, getting everything done before the Easter break. Lessons had to be finished, teachers had to do paperwork, kids had to make sure they had everything they needed for homework and projects... the list went on.

All of it however, paled into insignificance when the Easter Egg Hunt was announced. Paperwork was filed, boxes of project material lay forgotten in the cloakrooms and the ghosts of lessons past were swept away in a wave of excitement as everyone surged out the door into the spring sunshine.

There was a short and mysterious sorting ritual (mysterious becuase the three kids who like working together the least found they had to work together to get any eggs), followed by a multinational tidal wave of children racing around, across, over, under and nearly through parts of the school grounds and buildings. 

Disaster was narrrowly averted after we got mixed up with the kids from the kindergarden but fortunately their eggs were wrapped differently, so we managed not to take each others'. The final result was a highly satifactory win for the International School kids who each walked away with a collection of eggs that should last them several hours at the very least.

Happy Easter, one and all. We hope you all ate your chocolate responsibly and nobody was sick!