PORG International School Ostrava Ski Course 2019

During the last 3 days of January, we held our annual ski course at Skalka Family Park on the western edge of Ostrava. The weather was perfect and the effort put in by the kids was fantastic to see.

Everybody improved their skills noticeably over the course but more importantly, the kids pushed themselves to get better. For some with previous experience, that meant going faster, turning harder or a first taste of the big hill. For others it meant putting on skis for the first time and learning a whole new set of skills just to stand up.

For everyone it meant stepping way out of their comfort zones at times. There were plenty of falls and quite a few tears but once again, nobody quit in frustration. As always, the kids showed a level of determination that is a joy to see. Long may it help them to overcome their fears and improve at every challenge they face!