PORG International School Poetry Recital

Monday 9 March 2020

Our greatest readers of poetry proudly present the 2020 PORG International School Poetry Recital!

In the weeks before the presentation, the children will choose a poem and learn it by heart. The best children from each class will then perform their poem in front of the rest of the children from the International Primary School and the Bilingual Primary School.

Learning a poem by heart teaches many useful language skills. Firstly, there is the vocabulary which will remain in the child’s active vocabulary long after they have left school. Then there are the skills of using spoken language to express feelings and engage the listener. The simple act of standing alone in front of a group of your peers and having the courage to speak loudly and clearly is also a great confidence builder in children and adults alike. In addition, the fact that the children have entertained their classmates is no small achievement!

Of course, it takes skill and effort to reach the final stages of the poetry recital, so there will be prizes for the best performances in different age groups.

We will work with the children to choose their poems and we would like to ask parents for their support in helping their children to learn them to the best of their ability.