Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps people develop their ability to use their voice, movements, gestures and facial expressions via acting, mime, song and improvisation.

In our new after-school drama club, our members will be encouraged to engage with drama through the use of drama games and activities to provide them with the background and skills to create, manage and perform a piece which utilizes these skills.

Some activities will include games such 'One Word Story', 'Mystery Object' and 'Sound Circle'.

Why drama games you may ask? Drama games allow students to work in a variety of groups with a variety of people and feel comfortable doing so.

Other activities will enhance and promote the basic skills needed for drama. Activities such as engaging in 'Monologues' and 'Duologues', working with props and mime are just some of the things we will be engaged in within our club setting.

All of this will culminate in a small performance, developed to showcase what pupils have learned and the skills they have picked up along the way. So don't wait, sign up for drama and lets get creative!