Second Day of Non-stop Activities

Water Rockets at PORG International School

On Saturday 23rd March, we held or second Day Of Nonstop Activities. Once again we all had a great time enjoying practical activities aimed at stimulating curiosity among the kids. The activities we set up are all ones which we use in various lessons to give kids the chance to see how things work in real life. Very often, they start with a demonstration of something, followed by a discussion on how it works and why.

We held a music workshop, exploring sound, rhythm and different ways of making and combining them. In the art class, the self expression took the form of finding out how different colours can flow and combine - for example coloured sweets... those that didn't get eaten first! Using washable colours meant that the kids could let their imaginations run wild without a huge cleaning bill.

A practical maths session had members estimating and recording numbers, distances and volumes followed by classifying the information in a variety of ways to visualise the relationships between them

On the technical and scientific side, for the first time, we tried an activity exploring the relationship between Rubik's Cube algorithms and the program of a robot which can solve the cube. The competition was for the kids to see who could mix the cube that took the robot the most number of moves to solve.

Outside we had a demostration of how we can use small amounts of force repeated often to move objects further than we could by brute force alone. The chosen method was water rockets - trying different amounts of air and water to see which combination shoots the rocket the furthest. In the process the kids learned that every action really does has an equal and opposite reaction and it's best not to be standing in the way of the water when the rocket lifts off!

To dry out a little, we finished off with the 'lift the teacher off the ground' competition, demonstrating the power of levers.

Once everyone had had a chance to try everything, we had a prize draw for 3 lucky participants to go home with a few more sweets and some souvenirs of the day as a thank you for making the day so much fun for the teachers.

It was a pleasure to meet so many bright and talented kids and we are already thinking of new activities for the next event. We look forward to seeing you there!