Saint Nicolas' Day

Saint Nicolas Day Celebration At PORG International School

Every year on December 5th, Saint Nicolas comes to check whether the kids in the Czech Republic have been good or not. He brings with him an angel and a demon and if the kids have been good, the angel gives them sweets, fruit and nuts. However, if the kids have been naughty, the demon will carry them away!

You can't fool Saint Nicolas - he knows who has been good all year and who is trying to be good at the last minute! Fortunately, we had the same number of kids at the end of his visit as we had at the start and the kids all had a bag of sweets, fruit and nuts.

After Saint Nicolas had left, along with his angel and demon, we spent the rest of the day preparing for performances and the Christmas Market. The kids had prepared some wonderful decorations in the art and craft lessons and once again, we had some outstanding food prepared by the parents. By the end of the market, we had sold almost everything thanks to their hard work.

Following the market, we saw more of the kids' hard work in the performances on stage and finally we had the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas Tree and carol singing.

The mood is set, the festivities have started and it's now definitely Christmas Time at PORG. Thank you all for coming and being a special part of it!