Athletics Day 2018

PORG International Primary School Athletics Day 2018, Ostravar Arena, Ostrava, Czech Republic

PORG Primary Schools' Athletics Day brought the International Primary School and the Bilingual Primary School together for a morning of competition, hard work and fun.

The event was held a ten minute walk from the school in the athletic hall of Ostravar Arena, so the children all had the experience of using a professionally equipped sports facility which has hosted international events. The atmosphere was charged with the spirit of the race.... medals lay on the table for all to see next to the winners' podium and there were confident predictions among the competitors about who would walk away with what.

After a warm-up run around the 200 metre track, the children were divided into their year groups, with the Bilingual and International pupils together in teams. They then rotated around the various events until they had completed them all.

Alongside the tradtional athletic events such as the 200 metre run, the 60 metre sprint and the long-jump, there were others which were no less demanding. One event involved running whilst carrying weights, another was an obstacle course race over crash mats, under a network of tape and weaving through cones. Then there was tyre race, with children rolling a large car tyre along the course, keeping the tyre under control while trying to be the fastest. The medicine ball throw had the children trying to outdo each other throwing a 2 kilogram ball backwards over their shoulders as far as they could. Between events, we had water and snack breaks and, probably most popular of all, bouncing on the pole-vault mats!

Finally, all races were run, all results were in and it was time for medals and prizes. Inevitably there was a little disappointment from some who missed out but they have the incentive to do better next year. Those who won were the cream of the cream and showed by their example what can be done. Well done to all who took part and especially to our champions! Now the race to train is on... who wants to win a medal next year?