Fruit Day

Friday November 9th was Fruit Day here at the International School. Fruit and vegetables, in fact. Enough fruit and vegetables to start a supermarket with.

The aim was to show the kids that there are many ways of preparing fruit and vegetables so that they taste good and to have fun doing it. We learned how to peel and chop vegetables safely and to use juicers to make smoothies. After the initial training and preparation, the experiments began....

There were many variations of beetroot and other fruits in smoothies, which we might try again at Halloween next year - nice healthy cup of something that looks like blood, anyone? Oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, everything got juiced in various quantities and mixtures. The only problem was remembering exactly what went into the ones we really liked.

A particular success was the pumpkin soup, which was altered and improved constantly throughout the day until we ran out of pumpkin. During this experimentation, we learned about the importance of combining flavours and adding herbs and sauces for taste. Some things which many of us hated (like avacados) became a hit with proper preparation (the guacamole!!!)

By lunchtime the piles of fruit and veg had been reduced to piles of peelings and residue from the juicers. Stuffed with nutrition and knowledge, the kids left the classroom and the teachers began a mammoth cleanup operation. Standing alone on a table was the cup of experimental broccoli and cauliflower juice... we never did find a way of making that taste like anything other than muddy grass. A challenge for next time!