Visit to Štramberk

A very warm and friendly meeting of Czech and international students in Štramberk crowned by beautiful views and summery weather. This is how we could briefly describe our trip.

We took a train to make the journey more adventurous and were welcomed at the station by our hosts. The teachers from Stramberk had prepared 'Spy Cards' (questions about family, hobbies and interests) to help the kids to get to know each other and very soon the conversations were spontaneous and continued all day.

Our hosts gave us a guided tour of the picturesque town, with well-prepared presentations of historical facts along the way. We also climbed up the castle tower of Trúba and spent a lovely time relaxing in the square.

Next, we visited the 100 year-old local school. We had a snack and "Štramberské ears" there, which are a speciality of the town made from gingerbread. Finally, we had a football match with mixed teams, rounding off a thoroughly pleasant day in a spirit of fun and friendship.

To see what we all did, have a look at the photos on our Facebook event page.