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PORG International School Ambulance And Medical Care Demonstration

Ambulance And Medical Care

How often have you read about young kids who saved someone's life because of something they learned at school? Well, obviously we hope that it's never going to happen but thanks to the friendly ambulance crew who visited us, we are more prepared than before!

Primary school children especially love to see how things work, so it's a great age to introduce them to exciting things like an ambulance. As an international school, we were lucky to have English-speaking medics to give us their demonstration and training.

For many of the kids, it was their first time seeing the inside of an ambulance and so the highlight was not in the back but the front. The school sounded like a disaster zone as one by one, everybody took turns using the different sirens. They are LOUD!

More practically useful was the bandaging lesson. They showed us how to put on a bandage and tie it securely and soon we had a schoolyard full of kids pretending to be Egyptian mummies. After bandaging, there was a lesson on how to push a wheelchair, so the Egyptian mummies became actors in a medical scene... useful experience for our young drama fans!

We also had a lesson in CPR - how to help someone stay alive until an ambulance arrives. Using the CPR mannekin, the children had some practical experience of checking for breathing and how far to press on a casualty's chest if their heart is not beating.

Of course, it's good to know how to call for an ambulance and here in the Czech Republic, there is a choice of numbers. You can call 112 for the integrated emergency service but there could be a delay connecting you with the right service because the despatcher will have to ask you questions. We learned that it is best to call 155 and be connected directly to the ambulance service - good to know!

All in all, it was a useful and interesting addition to our safety knowledge. Some things more useful than others but all fun - have a look at the photographs and see for yourselves!

Dental hygiene day At PORG International School

Dental Hygiene Day

Smiles are whiter and brighter today at PORG thanks to our friendly Dental Hygienists!

Primary school age is the time when adult teeth start to appear and it's no different in an international primary school, except our teeth are more international!

Armed with their toothbrushes, our kids had a highly informative demonstration of how to look after all the new teeth they are growing.

We saw how teeth are made up inside and used model teeth and brushes to understand how to keep bacteria and other nastiness away.

We even tried painting our teeth purple to make them whiter! So if you want to know learn all there is to know about getting a lifetime's use out of your teeth, or how to avoid smelly breath or gum disease, ask one of our new experts!

Mobile Planetarium At PORG International School

Mobile Planetarium Visit

On Wednesday 2 October, we had the opportunity to visit the stars right here at PORG Ostrava!

Along with the bilingual primary school, PORG International School's kids went over to the gym where we found a large inflatable hemisphere waiting for us. Welcome to the Mobile Planetarium!

Inside, an ingenious spherical mirror projector linked to a tablet was waiting to take us on a tour of our galaxy. We started with an introduction to how humans have studied the stars over the millenia and used them to make calendars and prdictions about the future. Following on, we zoomed out of our Solar System to see our place in the Milky Way galaxy before zooming back to see stars where astronomers have found earth-like planets.

Our guide on this fantastic journey, Dr. Richard Stoudek from Brno, explained the methods used to locate distant planets and decide whether they are rocky or gaseous. He went on to explain about the 'habitable zone' or 'Goldilocks Zone' around a star where it's not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist on the surface.

Coming back to low earth orbit, we had a tour of the International Space Station and heard about the history of its construction and the cooperation between nations which made it possible.

Admittedly, it wasn't possible to translate everything in real time from Czech without interrupting the program for everyone else but several of the English speaking Czech kids tried hard. They must have struggled with the technical vocabulary but hats off to them for trying!

PORG International School pupils with rescue helicopter

Fire Safety Day

Friday 13th is traditionally declared by the Czech Association of Fire Officers as Fire Safety Day. The aim of this day is to "break" the superstition of unlucky Friday the thirteenth by organising various events to make the public aware of safety. We had a great chance to see that today!

The firefighters showed just how ready they are to deal with emergencies with displays of equipment and techniques and the chance to talk to them in detail about everything they had on show.

They started with a demonstration of how to cut someone out of a crashed car. They used a fearsome range of pneumatic tools, which is a great way to grab a kid’s attention, and then let everyone get up close to the helicopter. We’ve all seen it flying over Ostrava and now we’ve had a chance to look inside and ask the crew all about it.

Some childhood dreams came true soon after when our friendly hosts let everyone sit in the front of a fire engine, switch on the lights and sirens and make a lot of noise with the megaphones.

They showed us all over the different types of engines, cranes, radio vans and medical tents, they let us try on clothing and equipment and we had a great time!

We have all walked away with a much better appreciation of what our emergency services are ready and trained to deal with. Hopefully that’s the closest we’ll all get to the inside of an emergency until next Fire Safety Day and we would like to thank our hosts at the Moravian Silesian Regional Fire And Rescue Service for making it all such good fun for everyone.

PORG International School Ostrava end of school year 2019

End of school year 2019

All across the Czech Republic today, school children celebrated the end of the school year and the start of the summer holidays. At PORG it was no different, as we invited the children one by one to stand up and receive their final reports from their class teachers.

It is easy to begin every post on our Past Events page with the words 'our best year so far' and yet it is so often the case. As our school grows, so the new children bring new energy and qualities which in turn bring new levels of motivation and enthusiasm to the other pupils and the teachers as well.

This year we have had the greatest mix of nationalities in the school, which has firmly placed English as the language the children use outside of lessons. In an international school it is important that even children of the same nationality speak English together at breaktimes and after school clubs, without thinking about it. It would be easy for those with a common first language to form their own groups outside class and the fact that we have grown from a small beginning means that each new pupil will join a school where this does not happen.

The larger class sizes have motivated the children to improve themselves, as they naturally look around and see the standards others can achieve and try to be better. At the same time, the classes are not so large that those who joined later in the year, with weaker English, cannot have plenty of attention from the teachers to help them catch up.

We have continued to develop and broaden the curriculum, with a strong theme of critical thinking and practical experimentation to help the children learn the skills they will need to adapt to the fast-moving world which they will graduate into in the future.

We have been inspected and approved by the Council Of British International Schools and the Czech Ministry of Education. Both reports commented on the fact that our children are comfortable to voice their opinions, enter into debate and learn from failure in class. We believe that these qualities will build strong, confident characters with enquiring minds, young people who will not accept what they are told without question and who have the experience of growing up with a wider world view.

Finally we must thank the parents, whose enthusiastic support has grown with the school. They work hard with us in helping the children to improve their standards and they are always deeply involved in our events. 

So we wish all our children and parents a wonderful summer holiday as we end 'our best year so far' and we look forward to welcoming them all back in September, along with our new students for what will surely be 'our best year so far'!

PORG International School In Nature 2019

School In Nature 2019

What a week! Five days of learning out in the real world. For those of you who have never heard of 'School In Nature', it's a big thing in the Czech education system. The school moves out of the city to somewhere in the beautiful  Czech countryside and the kids follow a program of applying what they have learned in the classroom to the real world.

Our theme this year was 'Outdoor Olympics' - so we planned to mix traditional sports with skills for staying comfortable, warm, dry and well fed outside of civilisation. Mother Nature had other ideas though and the temperatures were high all week, which meant we had to modify the program to include a lot less running around and a lot more water activities.

Luckily, our accommodation at the Vitkovice Recreational Area had a swimming pool and was only a couple of kilometres from the reservoir in Horni Becva, so staying cool was not difficult. The only problem was that we couldn't stay in the water all the time! There was a Czech school staying at the same site as us and it was very nice to see our international kids joining in with games of football, using English and the Czech that they have learned without fear of mistakes - just kis who want to play together.

With activities planned around the worst of the heat, we had lessons demonstrating the practical use of maths, geography, science and English with activities using maps, finding rivers, building cooking fires, looking at bugs and leaves under microscopes, learning how to avoid heat sickness and writing diaries to show parents when we got home.

One day of the week, we headed out into the hills for a walk which for most of the kids was the furthest they had ever walked in their lives! Our goal was to find a mountain campground and cook lunch there but the terrain proved impassable for the kids, with fallen trees and waist-high bushes on an extremely steep slope. We still built a camp fire and cooked sausages though, so it was a big adventure for all of us!

Everybody's favourite was probably the visit to the reservoir. There are plenty of shady trees, a nice recreation area and the water is very shallow. We saw fish and ducks and how different plants grow, depending on the moisture, shade and type of soil. Of course there was a lot of swimming and water-fighting as well which is very educational indeed.

All in all, it was a character building experience. Everyone had fun and looked after each other and some who were afraid of being away from home grew up quite a lot with help from their friends. Not every country has a program like School In Nature, so we are happy to live in a country which does and we look forward to making it even better next year!

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