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PORG International School Ostrava Day of Nonstop Activities

Day of Non-stop Activities

On January 12, we held our first DNA Saturday event - a Day of Non-stop Activities. We invited children in the primary school age group to come and see how lessons at our school are taught differently compared to many regular schools. You can see some of the photos here:

Rather than teaching each subject as something separate, we believe in reconnecting the subjects we teach to the world around us, with practical examples of how the knowledge is useful and how different subjects are linked.

The activities showed the children some real-life applications of the topics. For example in art, how they can use a basic understanding of how substances and materials interact to produce new effects. Or maths, learning to visually appreciate the relationship between numbers and what they represent by looking at how to categorise various amounts of different toys and arranging them as if they were in a table.

Over in the music room, other children were getting a fun introduction to all manner of maths and physics, not to mention self-expression, as they used rhythm instruments to create beats, learn what sounds good or bad together and dance to their own music.

Outside in the snow, pairs of kids made small snow piles around plastic bottles partly filled with vinegar. As they added baking soda, atoms changed position and molecular bonds were broken and reformed in ways that they will learn about in years to come. Right there and then though, it was just fun to have their own ‘snow volcano’ as carbon dioxide frothed up the liquid and sent it flowing out of the bottles and down the sides. Soon they were all asking why it happened.

There was a Rubik’s Cube group, unconsciously applying logic and maths to what, in future years, they will come to know as an algorithm. Next door, the smallest kid in the group lifted the biggest teacher right off the floor using simple mechanics while others found out just how it is that the gears on their bikes make riding up hills easier.

Many of the children we teach now will eventually have careers in fields which do not exist yet. Some may even work in fields we cannot even imagine today. Since there is no way for us to teach them how to do these jobs, our goal is to help them learn to stay curious as they grow up - using knowledge in combination rather than isolation and finding solutions through original thinking.

PORG International School Ostrava Ski Course 2019

Ski Course 2019

During the last 3 days of January, we held our annual ski course at Skalka Family Park on the western edge of Ostrava. The weather was perfect and the effort put in by the kids was fantastic to see.

Everybody improved their skills noticeably over the course but more importantly, the kids pushed themselves to get better. For some with previous experience, that meant going faster, turning harder or a first taste of the big hill. For others it meant putting on skis for the first time and learning a whole new set of skills just to stand up.

For everyone it meant stepping way out of their comfort zones at times. There were plenty of falls and quite a few tears but once again, nobody quit in frustration. As always, the kids showed a level of determination that is a joy to see. Long may it help them to overcome their fears and improve at every challenge they face!

Saint Nicolas Day Celebration At PORG International School

Saint Nicolas' Day

Every year on December 5th, Saint Nicolas comes to check whether the kids in the Czech Republic have been good or not. He brings with him an angel and a demon and if the kids have been good, the angel gives them sweets, fruit and nuts. However, if the kids have been naughty, the demon will carry them away!

You can't fool Saint Nicolas - he knows who has been good all year and who is trying to be good at the last minute! Fortunately, we had the same number of kids at the end of his visit as we had at the start and the kids all had a bag of sweets, fruit and nuts.

After Saint Nicolas had left, along with his angel and demon, we spent the rest of the day preparing for performances and the Christmas Market. The kids had prepared some wonderful decorations in the art and craft lessons and once again, we had some outstanding food prepared by the parents. By the end of the market, we had sold almost everything thanks to their hard work.

Following the market, we saw more of the kids' hard work in the performances on stage and finally we had the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas Tree and carol singing.

The mood is set, the festivities have started and it's now definitely Christmas Time at PORG. Thank you all for coming and being a special part of it!

PORG International School, Ostrava, Czech Republic. Christmas Performance.

Christmas Market and Performance

Wow, what a day! On the 5th of December we had our annual Christmas Market with the Bilingual school, and what a success. The kids made birch log candle holders, wreaths, and decorated glass candle holders, all of which were sold! Of course there was the traditional gingerbread as well. Thanks to all our Korean parents for making some delicious Korean food which was a huge hit!

The international theme continued with our kids performing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in 3 languages, a Christmas carol in French and a solo performance from one of our Swedish students! The kids had an amazing time, and we all clapped with enthusiasm.

Green Eggs and Ham

The  Bilingual/International kindergarten and the International Primary School received the AZYZAH English Educational Theatre to the "Green eggs and Ham" performance.

The actors interacted with the students and made them have a good laugh. All the children were interested and participating in the show.  Simple English vocabulary and a fun story made our morning even more interesting.

We are looking forward to having more theatre performance in our school.  They were fantastic!

PORG International Primary School Athletics Day 2018, Ostravar Arena, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Athletics Day 2018

PORG Primary Schools' Athletics Day brought the International Primary School and the Bilingual Primary School together for a morning of competition, hard work and fun.

The event was held a ten minute walk from the school in the athletic hall of Ostravar Arena, so the children all had the experience of using a professionally equipped sports facility which has hosted international events. The atmosphere was charged with the spirit of the race.... medals lay on the table for all to see next to the winners' podium and there were confident predictions among the competitors about who would walk away with what.

After a warm-up run around the 200 metre track, the children were divided into their year groups, with the Bilingual and International pupils together in teams. They then rotated around the various events until they had completed them all.

Alongside the tradtional athletic events such as the 200 metre run, the 60 metre sprint and the long-jump, there were others which were no less demanding. One event involved running whilst carrying weights, another was an obstacle course race over crash mats, under a network of tape and weaving through cones. Then there was tyre race, with children rolling a large car tyre along the course, keeping the tyre under control while trying to be the fastest. The medicine ball throw had the children trying to outdo each other throwing a 2 kilogram ball backwards over their shoulders as far as they could. Between events, we had water and snack breaks and, probably most popular of all, bouncing on the pole-vault mats!

Finally, all races were run, all results were in and it was time for medals and prizes. Inevitably there was a little disappointment from some who missed out but they have the incentive to do better next year. Those who won were the cream of the cream and showed by their example what can be done. Well done to all who took part and especially to our champions! Now the race to train is on... who wants to win a medal next year?

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