Official Accreditation as an International School

Between May 28th and 30th, PORG International Primary School was inspected on behalf of the English Department for Education by Penta International and we are pleased to report that we have received accreditation as a British school overseas. The full report is available here as a PDF 

Our school is now accredited by the British, Czech and Korean governments as a Primary School. Our location in Ostrava, a major industrial centre with many overseas companies, means that families of international staff no longer need to be split between Ostrava and Brno or Prague, where the other international primary schools in the Czech Republic are located.

The results of this inspection are a great step forward for our school and we look forward to sharing our success with you!

Ministry of Education in Korea...

The Ministry of Education in Korea has certified PORG school in Praha and PORG International School in Ostrava as accredited foreign school.

We are so honored to be the first school certified by the Korean Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic!

For parents this means that you do not need to spend time getting notarization or an apostille from the embassy when your children return to Korea. 

Please note that the documents issued by PORG will be recognized in Korea without any notarization.