International Days

PORG International School Ostrava Research Project

Tuesday April 30 

The International Days project will see the children researching and presenting information about life in different countries and cultures. 

We all live together on a tiny planet with nowhere else to go and we don't always understand each other very well. International Days is a chance to learn something about how other people do things and why they are different or the same as what we know from our cultures. How do they write? What do they eat? Do we already know any of their words?

Together with PORG Bilingual School, we have chosen some countries to study and present as 'countries in a box'. Each child will present a box containing the information which they have about the country they have researched. The box can be decorated with anything appropriate to that country.

The presentations will be judged by a panel of teachers and then put on display in the International School where we will invite the children's parents to view the exhibition!