PORG International School Ostrava Research Project
29 duben

International Days

Tuesday April 30 

The International Days project will see the children researching and presenting information about life in different countries and cultures. 

We all live together on a tiny planet with nowhere else to go and we don't always understand each other very well. International Days is a chance to learn something about how other people do things and why they are different or the same as what we know from our cultures. How do they write? What do they eat? Do we already know any of their words?

Together with PORG Bilingual School, we have chosen some countries to study and present as 'countries in a box'. Each child will present a box containing the information which they have about the country they have researched. The box can be decorated with anything appropriate to that country.

The presentations will be judged by a panel of teachers and then put on display in the International School where we will invite the children's parents to view the exhibition!

30 květen

Children's Day

Thursday 30th May 2019

All the children from the International and Bilingual schools come together for a day of light-hearted sporty amusement. The teachers prepare funny variations on athletic events and we have the opportunity for some inline skating as well. Afterwards, there will be some nice food and drink to referesh ourselves with and who knows, maybe we will be ready to go again!

6 červen

Usborne Book Fair

Thursday June 6th

Once again we are happy to announce the Usborne Bookfair at PORG!  It will take place in the assembly hall in the Gymnasium building. Kids can enjoy workshops with Ms. Zöe in the morning and the parents are welcome to buy the books for their children all day. We look forward to meeting you there! It is a great chance to get the lovely books and also to support the school´s library!

10 červen

School In Nature

Monday 10th June  to Friday 15th June 2019

School In Nature is where we leave our small classrooms in school and head for the greatest classroom in the world - the natural world outside.

We will leave the city and go to the mountains, where we can apply the knowledge we have gained over the last school year to the real world. The children will work together in mixed groups, with the older ones and younger ones in teams. There will be games, competitions and fresh air. There will be a chance to develop independence and leadership skills as we work together toachieve our goals. There will not be TV or computer games!

26 červen

Summer Party

Wednesday 26th June 2019

As the end of the school year approaches, we will be celebrating our hard work and achievements with a summer party and performances by the children.

The event will be opened by the head of PORG at 1600 and feature performances by the different classes and after school clubs from the Bilingual Primary School, International Primary School, Bilingual Kindergarden and the International Kindergarden - it promises to be a rich and varied program indeed!

As well as the performances, there will be refreshments and workshops for the children and a prize giving ceremony at the end. We hope you can join us as we let our hair down and prepare for our summer holidays.