Past events

Knighthood ceremony

Pride describes what all teachers feel about students going to elementary school. Knighthood once again showed what our students are capable of doing using the English language.

It is a time to leave the kindergarten and become primary pupils. We wish you good luck and learn much more in this new stage.

Family Day

Our Family Day was celebrated on 31st May. Various activities were organized for the tiny tots to realize and perceive the value of family in their lives.

Kids had fun looking for tips in orienteer, they jumped a lot on our trampoline and participated in many other activities. The parents were able to spend time with their children, family and still find friends again.

It was a very special day, we believe that everyone could feel the good energy of the children and the people that participated. We hope to be able to repeat many other Family Days with you.

Honey Breakfast

Our kindergarten was attended by a beekeeper. He explained to us about the importance of bees to nature, also about the types of bees we can find.

Kids could try the delicious homemade honey as a breakfast and try the beekeeper's outfit. They saw real bees and learned more about them. It was a lovely experience.


On 7th June, we went with kids for a trip to Planetarium Ostrava ,where we celebrated Children´ s Day. Kids watched a nice story about life of trees and they also got to know something about stars and constellations. Once, Happy Children´s Day!

Dental prevention programme

We spent 10th May with toothbrushes in our hands. There was dental prevention programme on and kids were learning and at the same time developing their tooth brushing skills. At the beginning, we got to know the meaning and importance of having healthy teeth. Kids were learning tooth names and its parts. As next, the protection and prevention were being discussed and kids were also met different types of toothbrushes and learned what they are used for. The last part of this programme concluded visual and practical sample of the right way of tooth brushing. Followed by instructions, kids were brushing their teeth. After their brushing, dental preventives checked the kids´ teeth, telling them if they had brushed their teeth right or not. And the result of it is, 99% of PORG children did it well.

Master chef!

Main topic for one week in March was A PROFESSION. Children chose to be Chefs for today. You know what we say: Yummy to my tummy😊 And what did they prepared ? They had to make cook´s hats first. When they were wearing cook´s hats and apron, they was ready for cook. They had to make dessert - fruit sundae. Yummy, yummy😋

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