Past events

Master chef!

Main topic for one week in March was A PROFESSION. Children chose to be Chefs for today. You know what we say: Yummy to my tummy😊 And what did they prepared ? They had to make cook´s hats first. When they were wearing cook´s hats and apron, they was ready for cook. They had to make dessert - fruit sundae. Yummy, yummy😋

Spring carnival

Spring is already here and we know how to celebrate it! Our International and Bilingual kindergarten enjoyed the Spring carnival on Friday, 29th March. The kids were happy to show their beautiful costumes to their friends and they were dancing for a long time. Especially the dance Tooty Ta was their favourite one! 

Police at our Kindergarten

Why do we need police in our town? How could they help us? How to cross the road safety? What to do in case of any accident? All of these questions...and much more...were answered during the police visit at our kindergarten. How useful and great it was!!!

Would you like to be a farmer?

Children did a lot of activities on the topic „The Farm“. We spoke about the life on the farm, farm animals and a hard work on the farm.  They got dressed as farmers to achieve the proper atmosphere as it is on the farm. The got wellingtons and a hat to became farmers. As a great final children tried to MILK . Children found out that farmers have hard work but they had a lot of fun too. We had a lot of fun!

Theatre performace

Our children really enjoy watching the theatre performance and our primary kids know that! They prepare in their Workshop lessons short performance The Best Pizza! They were so lovely...They had great costumes, their English was awesome and our kindergarten kids loved it! We hope to see them with another performance at our kindergarten soon!

Optical illusion

Young high school student came to our kindergarten on 21st March. She showed an experiment for children. Children learned that not everything they see is true. Optical illusion can be traitorous.

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