Past events

Open Day

Open Day at PORG was held on 10th January. It was a good opportunity for new parents and their kids to find out as much as possible about our kindergarten. We would like to thank to all who came to see us. It was a  nice spending time with new kids and their parents who are really interested in good education for their kids. We hope they enjoyed this time here!

Green Eggs and Ham

The  Bilingual/International kindergarten and the International Primary School received the AZYZAH English Educational Theatre to the "Green eggs and Ham" performance.

The actors interacted with the students and made them have a good laugh. All the children were interested and participating in the show.  Simple English vocabulary and a fun story made our morning even more interesting.

We are looking forward to having more theatre performance in our school. They were perfect!

Fly a kite!

The International and Bilingual kindergarten took the action FLY A KITE on Wednesday 24th October.  Children had exciting opportunity to fly with their own kites. Children were allowed to fly their kites in part of the park near to our school. The children flew their kites on short strings, keeping clear of any trees, fences and to keep each other safe. All of the children had a wonderful time and the weather was both sunny and windy, perfect kites flying conditions!


One Hundred Years Of The Republic

The event 100years of the Republic and Coffee Day held on 9th October at PORG Ostrava was full of unforgetable children´s performances, delicious meals and lovely smell coffee.

Kindergarten kids showed an amazing dance to the others on the stage in Gymnasium Hall. After performance parents, children and teachers moved to the elementary school that changed into lovely Cafés.

What a splendid day!

The Trip by Tram!

The International kindergarten went on a little trip in Ostrava on 27th September on purpose to learn as much as possible about the topic of the week, which was „The transportation “. Ostrava offers various means of transport and we chose travelling by tram, which was very exciting for kids. Children got an opportunity to see Ostrava city and surrounding of the kindergarten during Indian summer. We finished our trip on the playground where we spent a nice time and enjoyed ourselves!

Trip To The Planetarium Ostrava

On 11th May, International kindergarten went to the Planetarium Ostrava to see an interesting educational programme called "Amigos". This programmme tought children more about their bodies. Moreover, they had an opportunity to see inner organs too. All of them really enjoyed it!

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